XAC-1 Computer Gaming Desk!

This is beautifull. A DIY Vielix style desk for gaming/pc/wathever.

Hmmm I wonder if it could be modded/arranged for 2P instead of 1


Oh man, a bunch of those would be amazing for H2H MAME “Cabs” if you get what I mean.

For a H2H ST setup it would be Godlike. Sure any mame game would be cool to play there.

That was exactly my thoughts. ST guy here, lol. Hope it makes it to Steam one day, and if it had LAN support this would make TO’s jobs much easier. Toss in a cheap barebones PC, people can pretty much use any controller they wish, and so on. Would be nice not having to worry about custom Superguns and the like, bad console ports, and the fact sponsored tourneys like EVO can’t use emulated ST.

like any other Micomsoft product, the price point is atrocious. I mean, i get it when it comes to upscalers, they are the best in the business when it comes to that. but for this, it’s kinda too much. I mean it doesn’t even include the control panel, you’d have to source one yourself. and obviously the Screen/TV/Monitor. It’s really expensive for just a ‘table’. For the same price, you can pretty much get a real arcade cabinet. (in Japan, i mean)

and yes, it can do 2P, just install a 2 Player panel.

hmm this gives me an idea… an idea to copy that design completely and make it out of wood!

Or better yet, improve on the design! Mod it!

Solid idea… stupid google sketch up gona get a work out today…

Almost 700 for the desk ? - no offense but you could probably get something from Ikea and “mod” it yourself with a small LCD mount for under 300 US.

No disrespect, its awesome execution, and the finished product is really appealing, but the Kraylix hlaf stand thing and those VLX stands and the other guys (i forget who was making an arcade stick stand) products are all really cool too, and more easily obtainable than trying to import this desk. (sorry, i import stuff all the time, and its expensive)