Xanadu Baltimore 2/21 February Monthly FULL Results

February’s monthly is in the books. Shoutouts to out of staters Jersey/Delaware, as well as Brandon, Chris Hair and Ski for helping out with brackets / organization. Great turnout and great matches all around! Videos will hopefully be up at some point this week. Also, that dual-screen MB setup was some classy stuff. Without further ado, the results;

Street Fighter 4:
1st- iNerd (Chun-Li)
2nd- SkiSonic (El Fuerte)
3rd - DevilJin 01 (C. Viper)

4- CaliAgent #3
5-Rugal B.
7. Hav
7. Purbeast
9. NSC
9. Joe Kim
9. Noochie
9. AznDaisy
13. FWM
13. B. Skine
13. Shane K
13. Evenflow Chart
17. Fake White Man
17. Mum Mum

Tekken 6: BR
1st- Big Word (Paul, Jack-6)
2nd- Marbles (Xiaoyu)
3rd- The Bad Guy (Miguel)

4. M. Diddy (Goldberg)
5. Rugal B. (Bryan, Bruce, Paul)
5. Offstein (Alisa)
7. Promietheus (Hwoarang, Asuka)
7. Moroha (Lili, Zafina)
9. Kory (Nina, Steve)
9. Nas (Goldberg)
9. AznDaisy (Bruce, King)
9. NSC Badguy
13. Oni
13. DevilJin (Lars)
13. Wallstreet (Bryan)
16. Coma (Anna)
16. Noochie (Paul, Kazuya)
16. Gamer X (Asuka)
16. Ali

Melty Blood: AA
1st- Lord Knight
2nd - Coma

(Full results to be posted)

Guilty Gear: Accent Core
1st- Coma (Millia)
2nd- Gwyrgyn Blood (Potemkin)
3rd- Moroha (A.B.A)

4. Wallstreet (Slayer)
5. Stickbug (Jam)
5. Promietheus (Zappa)
7. DizDan (Dizzy)
7. Alex (Bridget)

Year of the Nerd starts now
Congrats to Mike and Matt Coma.

Bmore doesnt play…No one cares about the game…lucky chillen wasnt there


Thanks guys.

Fun tourney tonight… Good shit to everyone there and Skisonic for getting 2nd.

Lets support more local stuff!!

good stuff Coma :bgrin:

Lol, still, give credit where its due meanie.

Damn, Mike is HUNGRY.

Winter brawl next week can’t wait :tup:

wtf are you talking about. im not even the one who said that…

damn i woulda had this LOL good shit tho nerd.

Lord Knight was there? Damn.

double take


Congrats Mike! Looking forward to the next tourney. Also congrats to DevilJin for Top 3.


MBAA full results

Congratz Nerd.

Skine came out??! damn I should have made it then…maybe next time?

Good shit to all who placed and to all who I played against.

FUCK, I fucked up. :sad::shake:

Oh, well… there’s always next time. Fuck sf4, lolol.

YOOO good shittt mike! You and chun is goin places man!!

Gs to chillin and umthfkr

This ^

I’m actually Terry (the scrubby Ryu player) - it was my first tournament so I’m surprised I even got as far as I did. I forgot I even had a SRK account when I signed up originally.

In any case, the final Fuerte - Chun match was awesome, congrats to both finalists.

Guilty Gear vids