Xanadu Games Baltimore March 21st Monthly - RESULTS


This March monthly was fantastic guys, a lot of excellent matches. Every time I looked at Tekken there were some real nailbiters. Shoutouts to Brandon, Chris Hair, Fresh and especially Pat for making things work. Pat and John for getting our test stream going (hopefully, we will have the commentary tech good to go ASAP!) Videos will hopefully be up soon. Had fun, was good seeing old faces and meeting new ones! Look forward to seeing you guys at Wednesday night weeklies our next event.

I still need TvC, CvS2, and Melty Blood results. Please post them in this thread if you have them, and I will update accordingly.

The results:

Street Fighter 4
T1st - Steve Ringout Harrison (Sagat)
T1st - Caliagent #3 (Cammy)
3rd - iNerd (Chun-Li)
4th - Devil Jin (C. Viper)

5th - Rugal B. (Taters, Sagat)
7th - Skisonic (El Fuerte)
7th - B.B. Hood (Ryu)
9th - Havoc (Abel)
9th - Nitestorm (Ryu)
9th - NSC Nooch (Ryu)
13th - The Muffin Man
13th - Buuji
13th - B. SkinE
13th - Jammo
17th - Alex $
17th - KB Nova
17th - Sekuhara
17th - Darren
17th - NSC Gameboy
17th - Fresh
23rd - Ironhead82
23rd - The Lazy Author
23rd - Dikrodnum
23rd - Brad
23rd - Procyon
23rd - Beigun

Tekken 6
1st - Sayco (Dragunov)
2nd - Word (Miguel, Law, Paul, Jack-6)
3rd - Rugal B. (Bryan, Bruce, Steve)
4th - Marbles (Xiaoyu)

5th - KB Nova (Lee)
5th - The Muffin Man (Goldberg, Armor King)
7th - Gamer X (Asuka)
7th - Nas (Goldberg)
9th - ProtoMAN[STi] (Asuka)
9th - NSC Gameboy (?)
9th - Jair (Leo)
9th - Wallstreet (Bryan)
13th - Coma (Anna)
13th - Thaddeus ‘Power Dunk’ Walsh (Paul)
13th - Nooch (Kazuya)
13th -
17th - Fresh
17th - One Man Wolfpack

Melty Blood
1st - Lord Knight
2nd - Coma

Street Fighter 2: HD Remix
1st - Steve Ringout Harrison (Sagat)
2nd - Mayo (Dictator)
3rd - Caliagent #3
4th - Deviljin

5th - Rugal B.
5th - Buuji
7th - Darren
7th - NSC Gameboy
9th - 4r5
9th - Dikrodnum
9th - Lobster Luckus
12th - Alex $
12th - Fresh
12th - B. SkinE


  1. Rugal B
  2. HAV
  3. Steven J. Harrison
  4. caliagent**
  5. Coma
  6. Raven
  7. Lane
  8. Chez
  9. G Synth
  10. Sekuhara
  11. LBS

1st - Steve Ringout Harrison


14 entrants for HDR, eh? Alright, I’m convinced. Gotta get some of that action next time at Xanadu. Good stuff, Steve H. I guess Mayo is a new guy? Seems like you did well too.



and i see ZERO mishimas in tekken, what’s going on???


CvS2 Results:

  1. Rugal B
  2. HAV
  3. Steven J. Harrison
  4. caliagent
  5. Coma
  6. Raven
  7. Lane
  8. Chez
  9. G Synth
  10. Sekuhara
  11. LBS

Special thanks to Raven for adding $50 bonus to CvS2 pot.

Some excellent matches played. Some good stuff got captured. Vids should not disappoint.

It was definitely cool to see new players.

EDIT: Just got home, and there’s a copy of T6 in my PS3. I don’t own T6. Let’s work this out.


That’s probably Xanadu’s copy. It was moved from the PS3 by the finals tv to the ASUS ones at some point.


Got the MBAA:Results and Arcana Heart 2.1 results here http://www.meltybread.com/forums/tournament-results/baltimore-maryland-monthlies-xanadu-games-march-20th-2010-2933/
Melty Blood:Actress Again
1.Seto Kaiba, World Class Duelist(aka Lord Knight) - H-Kohaku
2.Coma- C-Vsion
3.Ehrik - C-Wara
4.Curbeh H-Ries, H-SAkiha
5.Nas F-Ryougi
5.Zeldere- C-Ryougi
7.LBS C-Miyako
7.Lobster Lukus - C-Nanaya
9.Phauxe - H-Len
9.Rayza - H-Sion
9.BBhood - C-Arc
9.Lane - C-Ryougi
13.Chaser - F-Ries
13.Sekuhara - F-Aoko
13.Zakenna - F-Akiha

Arcana Heart 2.1
5.Protoman Sti
7.Robert Rofus


Good shit in CVS2 HAV. You played mad well. I hated to see u drop those A groove combos though. Good shit to Steve in everything as always. Nice meeting all of the new people I met. The turnouts at these things are always surprisingly good. Chemistren should have used more Dan.

Oh and LULZ at no grand finals for SFIV.

I’m gonna set up 3S at the next one.


Can anyone help me figure out how to get to these by public transit? lol

I’d really love to come by to these again.


the best in SC didnt enter cvs2?


Sick, I would’ve brought more than just the ps2 copy, but I didn’t know how likely it would have been. Even though I managed to get 7-8 signups.



Vids? Also are you going to post this on TZ??? GSTUFF to everyone.


My nigguh Sayco took t6!? Good shit! I need to see some vids.

Sorry, I didn’t show up. I decided to play crack instead, lulz. xDD

And how much money did Steve win total? That nigguh must’ve felt like he hit the lottery and shit, ahahaha. :rofl:


GS Steve.


Yo, it would’ve been on that ps3 if you did.



Ahahahahha, yeah, not a chance, sir. Sorry. I’d let Hav take that tourney FREE. I even like Hav over Steve H. in Marvel. BETDATSHITTT!


alright, someone help me figure out what’s going on in these vids?

they’re ordered as they happened. earliest to latest.
Winner’s Final?
Player1: P-Blanka/Cammy/Sagat = Steve H?
Player2: A-Bison/Iori/Hibiki = HAV?

Loser’s Semi?
Player1: A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison = Rugal B?
Player2: N-Ken/Chun/Sagat = Caliagent#3?

Loser’s Final?
Player1: P-Blanka/Cammy/Sagat = Steve H?
Player2: A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison = Rugal B?

Grand Final?
Player1: A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison = Rugal B?
Player2: A-Bison/Iori/Hibiki = HAV?

Player1: DRA = Sayco?
Player2: RAV
3 matches

Player1: HWO
Player2: RAV
1 matches

Tourney? Winner’s Final?
Player1: DRA = Sayco?
Player2: BRY = Rugal B?
(player2 switches to PAU)
3-2, final count

Tourney? ???
Player1: PAU = Word?
Player2: XIA = Marbles?
(player1 switches to JAC)
2-1, final count

Tourney? Loser’s Final?
Player1: PAU = Word?
Player2: BRU = Rugal B?
(player2 switches to STE)
(player1 switches to LAW)
3-1, final count

Tourney? Grand Final?
Player1: MIG = Word?
Player2: DRA = Sayco?
(player1 switches to BOB)
(player1 switches to PAU)
1-3, first set to player2? player2 coming out of losers?
(player1 switches to JAC)
3-0, second set to player1?
2-3, ???
0-1, ???
final count: 8-10, shrug


CvS2 is exactly right. Unfortunately.


Winner’s Final; Sayco vs. Rugal B
Loser’s Semis; Word vs Marbles (Xiaoyu)
Loser’s Final; Word vs Rugal B
Grand Finals; Word vs Sayco


Who put Word in losers?


I playes drag the whole way through