Xanadu Games February Monthly MvC3/SSF4 Results!


Xanadu February Monthly - Marvel vs. Capcom 3

  1. skisonic (Deadpool/Taskmaster/Sent, Deadpool/Taskmaster/Hulk, She Hulk/Hulk/Chun) loses to HAV
  2. HAV (Storm/X-23/Chun) loses to skisonic x2
  3. Perfect Sin (Trish/Dormammu/Hsien-Ko) loses to HAV, skisonic
  4. Rugal B (MSS) loses to HAV, skisonic
  5. Shin Oni (Amaterasu/Dante/Trish) loses to Perfect Sin, skisonic
  6. Coma (Viper/X-23/Chun) loses to Perfect Sin, Rugal B
  7. Keninblack (Hsien-Ko/Zero/Sent) loses to Shin Oni, Coma
  8. Ketchy Ketch (Tron/Phoenix/Skrull) loses to Rugal B, skisonic


Xanadu February Monthly - Super Street Fighter 4

  1. HAV (AB) split; loses to nobody
  2. Rugal B (FE) split; loses to nobody
  3. Perfect Sin (DH/ZA) loses to Rugal B
  4. Jaguar (BA) loses to HAV, Perfect Sin
  5. skisonic (EL) loses to HAV, Perfect Sin by forfeit
  6. Dr. NGO (TH) loses to Rugal B, Jaguar

Amazing tournament. Marvel is sooooooooooooooooo hype. Kinda silly… but big fun.

SSF4 didn’t get streamed at all, but entire Marvel tournament was, so look out for the matches to be upped at YouTube - XanaduGames’s Channel

Stream currently archived at Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! on Justin.tv

Xanadu Games, Wednesday Night Xanbats – MvC3/SSF4 Ranking Battles – Starting March 2, 2011

Let’s Go!!!

major upsets this tourney

who took out comebackking, perry, and oreo?

never seen top 3 seeds out so early

GGs to everyone I played, especially Ketchy Ketch and Ray (dont know his tag on here). I entered as Perry. It was nice to go back to xanadu after not going for a long ass time and reconfirm that I do indeed suck. :rofl: Will def be out for the next tourney.


GGs Reigun! and GGs to everyone i played ~ I had a great time, will def try to make it out for future tourneys and the season! MvC3 soo fun =] !

even bobby was aroundd! unheard offff

Lock in was too much fun, learned alotta shit, insomnia mode with Naki and the lack of sleep was well worth it. Also, played CvS2 for the very first time, I fuckin love that game. Thinking about buying a PS2 for it.

Thanks for everyone coming out, hope you guys like the event.

The Lock In was “insightful”. Got a lot of work ahead of me. MvC3 is fun, broken, but fun. Didn’t make it to the tourny, got caught up in some “life” stuff. But will make it to the Friday Ranbats.

This was my first tourney. Didnt do to hot

who did keninblack beat?

comebacking lost to pat who then preceded to lose to pat, in a pvp match.


can anybody confirm if iSheep lost to Kenin?

BTW this game sucks major balls