Xanadu Lock-In -- June 25-26 -- Baltimore, MD -- Evo Practice

Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21227

Xanadu Games, home of MD/VA’s finest competition will be hosting lock-in event. Friday, June 26. Come level up before Evo.

Venue Fee- $8

That’s it.

Come in Friday, leave some time on Saturday. There are gonna be plenty of players, food all around, and big fun. Come out and enjoy yourself.

I’ll try to make it out to this, need all the practice I can get before EVO (assuming no dumb shit messes it up for me)

I will try to make it.

Thats the day I get off of school! :smiley:

I will bring 3s if I go.

This is gonna be so godlike!

do we get free 12oz can of soda and a free bag of chips with the venue fee?


As well as chicken matches. I call first captain. Round robin in CVS2/MVC2/3S/SSF4

yo i want in the fried chicken match

Who’s drinking with me?

Nigga WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT? We in there chicken matches and dat drink. I like Lane over keninblack when he is drunk.

supply vodka for me

Only if you’ll recite the Gettysburg Address at the lock-in.

sigh ;/

Im down for drinking.

Bring some IBC root beers and I am game.

Also Strogg im down for doing a 5 doller money match rematch. I need my lunch money back.


Also I’m in there.

Is it possible to get on that training mode once everyone goes to sleep? Although I doubt everyone will all be asleep at the same time. I know if i just want TM I can stay at home, but if theres no one to play and I’m the only one up I think I would want to cure the boredom with some time in the lab.

lol, thats cute… you think people are gonna sleep.

So just to clarify. No tournament just casual all nighter? Eitherway I am more then hyped for this.

I guess not, they might get raped :coffee:

no homo?

Yes homo