Xanadu Monthly 8-13-2011 results

Thanks to everyone that showed up, and hope that everyone had a great time. Shot out to our resident cook Young Fresh for making that godlike food. Thanks to my staff as well for helping me and getting this thing done at a good time.


1st: Ryry
2nd: Brandon
3rd: Rugal
4th: Steve H
5th: Boom
5th: Caliagent


1st: Miller
2nd: Ryry
3rd: Coma
4th: Meep
5th: Steve H
5th: Robin Palm


1st: Steve H
2nd: Coma
3rd: Sesshyru


1st: Biron
2nd: Mars Gatti
3rd: Ryry


1st: LK
2nd: Achan
3rd: Coma

Miller blowing it up with Zero and Tron.

Time for those 3S Xanbats.

i said i was gonna make it and i did. it only took me 3 different buses and 2 different trains systems. and a total of 3.5 hours, but i got there. HUGE thanks to ryry for the ride back.

havent been to xanadu in a while and had a blast there. cvs2 all day, burgers, and the elite. t’was gdlk indeed. ty fresh boyardee.

shoutouts to brandon and miller for putting hands on everybody.

good seeing all those who attended. old and new. been a while.

till next time. whenever that may be.

Shoutouts to 15 people in the BBCS2 tournament. Shout outs to LK and Mikenapalm and the rest of them making the trip to play that Blue Blazin

Good Shit to all you guys again at Zanadu. Always Godlike being around you guys, and damn you krost for getting me back into st again dun dun dun dun. Swag.

The bbcs2 winner esults are wrong as shit, alex073088 came in second achan didnt even place top 4. if u dont know the tournament results ask someone before posting the wrong fuckin information.

how about you calm down dickhead? no one cares about that game anyway.

your name is not #1 in all those games, you didnt go. stop lying pat.

You’d do what, complain even more? From playing casuals on the ONLY system we had to run the tournament, to bitching about the system it was being ran on, you did nothing but give me a headache the whole night. You know how annoying as hell it is to call out a match, then see someone playing on it and thinking that it’s the match you just called, only to find out it wasn’t way later? And then still playing on the sole machine to ‘practice’ after being told explicitly NOT to? Or changing other tournament machines to BBCS2 without permission?

You were the epitome of what gives people who ran tournaments a headache. When I run another tournament, and you do this same shit again, I’ll make sure you’re not on it as far as I’m running the tournaments.

These tournament monsters. LOL.

dont waste your breath on a kid who puts his birthday at the end of his name.

I’m just annoyed in the fact that it was a free tournament, with my money in the pot, and people still had to complain and make it hard.

why’s he bitching anyway? dude never comes out to promote the game no one else plays.

[COLOR=#ffffff]alex073088 seems like a awesome guy, hey man do you wanna come to sova to play some games?[/COLOR]

First and for most i wasnt playing matches(casuals) i was in training mode. And as i told u in fuckin person all u have to do is ask for me to get off the set-up because a match was in play. I really dont give a fuck how annoying seeing someone on the set-up during the long down times that tournament had yesterday. And as i told u in person using the fuck word was uncalled for. It takes two got damn secs to back out training mode and go to the versus screen. I could see if the shit was on stream but it wasnt, that probabdly was the least cared about tourney/set-up of the fuckin day. The real reason why you had a headache was because people were spanking that ass in the many tournaments you were partaking in all night. If someone in training mode really bothered you that much then i really think you shouldnt run a damn thing.

Every tourney i went to when there was only one blazblue set-up, there has always been someone else on the set-up in casual matches. I kindly ask them to get up for a tourney match and thats what they did. Getting annoyed and having a headache is your personal problem and you should really consider not running tournaments at all if something that insignificant truely bothered you. Or at the very least run that one more smoothly so there wouldnt be long downtimes.

Im not an internet gansta like alot of you seem to be so when i see you next IN PERSON I will gladly address you there as well. I dont need persmission for shit, and i have free to will to complain about any mutha fuckin thing i wish too.

mmmm, i smell hate, let it brew and turn this into something hype, and someone getting exposed. rugal, whatup, good seeing you and steve h at evo. im in town thanksgiving weekend, and most likely the end of next month, so i might have to come blow it up at xanadu. havent been to m.d in 3 years. xanadu is xbox i hope, right?

How bad are you that you have to be in training mode at a tourney?

I will put your name in as whatever I feel like achan. And if you feel like you don’t like what my staff Dj was telling you about then come talk to me. Drop your tough guy attitude with me cause its not going to get you anywhere.

I told you explicitly not to, and yet you did. I’m busy trying to play as well as set up matches and I don’t have time for it. The fact that people aren’t responding to their name being shouted and I have to find them, or people picking names they don’t even respond to doesn’t help either. But seriously, get your stick out of your ass. You bitched at me at Otakon, an ANIME convention, because you wanted to have your own controller to play on BBCS2. For tournament, that was one thing, and that was done anyway, but CASUALS? REALLY? Get over yourself.

I tried my best to get things running on BBCS2, even though we only had one set up (something else I was angry about, but that will be what it will be), but the speed between matches is on both myself, AND the people in the tournament. That being said, we yelled at ALL people who were playing casuals or holding up matches on all tournament systems, so you weren’t special. I told you in person, and I yelled at you in person.

And seriously, training mode so you could practice on PS3? You had all week to practice. Summer Jam will be held on PS3. I dare you to tell them that you’d like to play on XBox360 instead. You had all week to practice if you wanted. Then converting a PS3 from MvC3 to BBCS2 WHILE that tournament was still running for MvC3? Don’t even get me started.

I have nothing to discuss in person. I really don’t like you, and already yelled at you in person for all the previous items mentioned. There is nothing to discuss here, because I will not listen. How you would like to do it was now how it was going to be done. If you even plan on showing up again, respect how it will be done next time and don’t do things your own way just because you like it. If you can’t do that much, just don’t show up.

On an aside, real big bringing up my play. The only disappointment I had in my own play was in MvC3, but that was that. AE and BBCS2 were what I expected it to be. I’m just happy LK made you look absolutely free.

People need to chill the fuck out xD

Glad 3s is coming out, having a real game come out should calm the nerves hahaha.


Will be good to see you level up in the Tres. Need more games that don’t have shitty throws or block strings to play.