Xanadu Monthly and Cookout event TFC QUALIFIER #4 June 8th 2013

Xanadu Games, in Baltimore, Maryland will be hosting it’s monthlies as an official part leading up to The Fall Classic. It will be a point system in place after every monthly for, prizes to be determined by the TO’s of The Fall Classic. As usual Xanadu is one of the leading places in md/va area to: level up, learn from top players in our region, hype venue, overall fun experience. We have old games and new and all players are welcome to enjoy our venue. This and our monthly in August will be cookout events with our monthly. As usual with our other cookout events we will have great food and drinks. Which is why our venue fee is more than the usual monthly. This will also be our first monthly with injustice, this is a game that a lot of fgc players want.

Start Time: 2pm

Stream: www.twitchtv/vgbootcamp

Venue Fee: $20

Main Games: $10

Side Games: $5

Evo Rules and standard will be in effect at our monthlies.

Main Games on Ps3 only


Sf4 2012

Sfxt 2013



Side Games: Ask Staff

Rules 2/3 standard till finals then 3/5

Umvc3: 3/5 all the way through

Money split: 60/30/10

Any questions feel free to ask here or pm me.

Anyone down for some 3S friendlies? I’ll be supplying a full PS3 setup for it that can also be used for UMVC3 and AE

Scramble mode on SFxT?