Xanadu Games will be proud to present our lock in event and monthly tourney. With the release of MVC3 gamers will be energized to get back into the competitive spirit to get md/va back on top.

Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd.
Baltimore Md. 21227

Stream: Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! on Justin.tv

1PM: Signups
2PM: Prompt Start Time
Venue Fee: $10
Payouts: 60/30/10

This is Maryland’s Monthly for fighting games. All of the best players come to Xanadu to get better and to make our area stronger for all games. We will have old games and also the new ones. This month we have a lock-in event for all players will to practice up for the monthly. Our lock in event are just 5 dollars.

LOCK-IN EVENT: $5 dollars venue fee


$10 Games
Marvel vs Capcom 3
System: TBA for standard

SUPER Street Fighter 4
System: PS3 [EVO Standard]

$5 Games
Tekken 6: BR
System: PS3 [EVO Standard]

Melty Blood : AA
System: PS2

$2 Games
Arcana Heart 3

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
System: Krosto Supergun

Capcom Vs. SNK 2
System: PS2

Guilty Gear: AC
System: PS2

Marvel VS Capcom 2

Chaos Breakers
System: PS3

Street Fighter Third Strike
System: PS2


  • All games are best 2 of 3 matches. Winners/Losers Finals and up are 3 of 5.
  • SSF4, HD Remix, GG, and MB matches are best 2 of 3 rounds. T6 is 3 of 5.
  • Time for all games will be their American tournament standards. (No infinite time.)
  • In-game macros allowed
  • Winners must keep the same character for the next match; Losing player may switch.
  • HD Remix: Akuma is Banned.

Prizes will be rounded to closest dollar / five dollar amounts depending on pot size.

Lagless HD setups, plenty of food options, and the best competition in the area. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. See you there!

Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd
Baltimore 21217

I suppose people should know about this…

Oooohohohoho I am in there.

3s/MVC3. Hopefully I can stay for more then 4 hours at this lock in!!! >:F >:F >:F

What do people feel about having a mvc3 right as the game comes out?

I’m in.

Ya got to do it…People will have it up there that weekend anyways. Might as well ride the “hype”-wave and get that money! I’d bet you’d have more people sign up for MvC3 than some SSF4…(Till AE)

yeah include MvC3 ~! Pretty sure me and the twins will be there !

Hope to see you kech been a min

Hope to see you kech been a min

Going to give away a special prize for first in mvc3. What day five team will win the special prize from rugal for first place?

WB practice here.

deffff, im excited!!

I’m gonna try to make it out there for this. Very interested in it.

Yung Rewgul got a gift for me?

Yo i think i’m in there for this might bring a few peeps from RVA

The prize is gdlk.

If it’s not a crystal trophy, niggas need to practice hard before Winter Brawl.

Has anyone said what the “Standard” is going to be going forward for Tourny MvC3?

Nope no one knows as of yet.

Young CBT gonna be in the building. What’s really?

I’m sure everybody is cooking some shit up by now… I can’t wait to see what everyone’s got.