Xanadu Monthly Baltimore, Maryland January 2nd, 2016

Our standard monthly for January 2nd, 2016. As usual Xanadu is one of the leading places in md/va area to: level up, learn from top players in our region, hype venue, overall fun experience. We have old games and new and all players are welcome to enjoy our venue. We are starting ON TIME 230PM.

For the next Xanadu monthly, I’m throwing in an extra prize for the Guilty Gear Xrd tournament: I will fly the winner out to Chicago in late January to compete at Frosty Faustings VIII, my treat.

If you don’t know of Frosty Faustings, it’s the second-largest FGC tournament in Chicago, and since its inception, the feature game has always been Guilty Gear. The eighth iteration of Frostys takes place January 22-23, 2016 (Friday evening and all day Saturday) at the Crowne Plaza in Northbrook, Illinois. There will be people coming from all over the country for Guilty Gear, and I’d like to have a DMV representative at this tournament.

Because there are only 3 weeks between the Xanadu monthly and Frostys, please try and ensure your availability for Frostys weekend if you think you might have a chance at winning the prize at the monthly. I’ll do my best to work with you in planning the trip.

Hope to see a bunch of people at Xanadu next month for Xrd.


The winner of the Guilty Gear Xrd tournament at the January 3rd Xanadu FGC monthly will win the grand prize. The grand prize is separate from the tournament pot, which will be distributed as normal. Only players who are from the DMV (defined as the states of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and the District of Columbia) are eligible to win the grand prize. The grand prize winner must be able to prove either permanent or seasonal residence in the DMV, with either a government-issued ID or a school-issued ID.

In the event the tournament winner cannot attend Frostys or is ineligible to receive the grand prize by not being a DMV resident, the grand prize will be awarded to the 2nd place finisher, and so on until an eligible player who can attend Frostys is found.

The grand prize consists of a round-trip plane ticket to Chicago, transportation from the airport to the venue and back, a room at or near the venue, and tournament venue fee plus entry fee to the GGXrd main event at Frosty Faustings VII. Only entry for GGXrd will be paid for, the grand prize winner is responsible for their own entry to other games. Food, beverage, and other expenses will not be covered.

The grand prize winner must also sport a sponsor tag of my choosing when competing in the tournament and playing on stream. I’ll try not to pick an embarrassing sponsor tag.

Thanks to Max Wasserman for the Guilty Gear trip.

SF4 players can decide what system they want.

Venue fee: $10


Main Games: $10

Side Games: $5

Evo Rules and standard will be in effect at our monthlies.

Main Games on xbox/PS3/X1/ps4




BB ran by mastercrash from now on


USF4 360

Sfxt 2013


Persona/BB ran by mastercrash from now on

Cvs2 invitational, I will expand on this.

Side Games: Ask Staff

Rules 2/3 standard till finals then 3/5

Umvc3: 3/5 all the way through

Money split: 60/30/10

Any questions feel free to ask here or pm me

Address: 3921 Vero Rd, Arbutus, MD 21227

Do you guys have a sign-up forum or sheet? i’m located in this region.

Just show up and you can enter the tournaments.

Hey I wanna add you to the calendar http://tinyurl.com/fgccal but I need to know if you’re always on the same day. Currently I’m only adding monthlies with a set schedule, like 1st saturday of the month or something.

Pyyric, I sent you a PM. Please contact me when you can. Details inside the PM. I am not on here much.