Xanadu Monthly-- September 2010

Super Street Fighter 4

1 DMG Lud (RO/CH)
2 Steve Harrison (SA/GU)
3 DevilJin01 (CV)
4 HAV (AB)
5 skisonic (EL)
5 Noel Brown (VE/RU)
7 Mike Infinite (JU)
7 iNerd (CH/CA)
9 EMP Twisted Jago
9 Perfect Sin
9 Dark Child
9 caliagent
13 Rugal B.
13 Mike Weezie
13 Boom
13 Kyle “Comeback” McFarland
17 BBhood01
17 Dio De Janiero
17 Patrick “Keninblack” Kelly
17 Justin Groton
17 debo
17 super back pack

Fill me in on other games…

BChan v. Coma Salty, Salty Runback

BChan- 4
Coma- 7

Coma wins the FT7 in convincing fashion!

Justin.tv - Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! - BChan v. Coma Salty, Salty Runback

Ok Md/Va homies.

I am doing a lot better with Dud’s then I did with Rog. Just gotta level up some more.

Thanks DJ, Lud and Caligent for playing 3s. Hopefully once 3sOE hits people can play a good game again.

gg’s to joe kim for losing to me and then skipping out with my money after going from a 100 mm to a 15 mm good shit scrub stay free…( needless to say i was pissed )

lol@ hav

“if you dont know whats going on then you dont need to” :rofl:

That was pretty fun to watch. Good shit to MD/VA protecting the house.

Good to see skisonic come back. Hands down one of the most fun players in the area to watch, if not the EC.

Good shit to Coma getting that money once again. I’m about to rep dat Morrigan as well.

“You can have your cake and eat it too.”

MBAA and AH3 tournament results crossposted from Meltybread.

MBAA Results

1: Lord Knight ($10.00)
2: Black Rock Shooter ($4.00)
3: LBS ($2.00)
4: Matt Coma
5: Ehrik
5: Rayza
7: LobertDuckus
7: Sekuhara

AH3 Results
1: Matt Coma ($12.00)
2: Black Rock Shooter ($6.00)
3: Rayza ($2.00)
4: EMP Jago
5: LBS
5: Zakenna
7: Gwyrgyn
7: Ehrik
9: Justin Groton
9: LobertDuckus

Damn MD/VA Held that shit down way to protect the house.

lol yea worst fortune cookie ever

gs matt coma

JKN still owes me $10 from when he bet he could do 10 FFFs in a row. He got 2. FREE VIPER.

Yo, good shit to everyone out there, it was a blast. Sucks I was so free on the stream but that just means I’ve gotta level up and come back stronger next month. And I definitely agree with MangetoManiac Skisonic’s Fuerte + SteveH’s commentating is priceless.

Made it out to the lock-in but felt too shitty by morning to stay and play in this. Thanks to Strogg and SethP for the ride and everyone who I played with at the lock-in.

Good shit, guys. Didn’t make it in time for the tourney or the cvs2 salty runback, but I know I would have made some money, lol.

Good shit to ski and all the out-of-towners for making it out.

Joe Kim Flake

Joe Kim Nigguh is now demoted to Joe Kim ASS.

LOL at people backing out of paying.

he just mad he got BODIED!!! where is the video that man was MINDFUCKED

yeah scrubs do that.

I bodied “DS” at his own game(alpha3) and he didnt pay the fuck up.