Xanadu Monthly The Takeover: January 15th 2011

Fresh off MD/VA performance at NEC with many top 8 placings in almost all games. We are proud to present this monthly that will get our area in shape for winter brawl in Feb. To produce many more top 8 placings in all games.

Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd.
Baltimore Md. 21227

Stream: Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! on Justin.tv

1PM: Signups
2PM: Prompt Start Time
Venue Fee: $10
Payouts: 60/30/10

This is Maryland’s Monthly for fighting games. All of the best players come to Xanadu to get better and to make our area stronger for all games. We will have old games and also the new ones.


$10 Games
SUPER Street Fighter 4
System: PS3 [EVO Standard]

$5 Games
Tekken 6: BR
System: PS3 [EVO Standard]

Melty Blood : AA
System: PS2

$2 Games
Arcana Heart 3
System: Maybe ps3 hopefully

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
System: Krosto Supergun

Capcom Vs. SNK 2
System: PS2

Guilty Gear: AC
System: PS2

Marvel VS Capcom 2

Chaos Breakers
System: PS3

Street Fighter Third Strike
System: PS2


  • All games are best 2 of 3 matches. Winners/Losers Finals and up are 3 of 5.
  • SSF4, HD Remix, GG, and MB matches are best 2 of 3 rounds. T6 is 3 of 5.
  • Time for all games will be their American tournament standards. (No infinite time.)
  • In-game macros allowed
  • Winners must keep the same character for the next match; Losing player may switch.
  • HD Remix: Akuma is Banned.

Prizes will be rounded to closest dollar / five dollar amounts depending on pot size.

Lagless HD setups, plenty of food options, and the best competition in the area. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. See you there!

Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd
Baltimore 21217


LoL, that’s my Birthday. Maybe I’ll come out to this one? If I’m in town…?

This is the same date as Magfest, hmmm…

My brother and I will be there

yo, jason… I think people are going to have their PS3 Arcana 3’s by then. Also the board is sold!

Could anyone give me a ride to this? I go to school at Johns Hopkins but don’t have a way to get there. I would really appreciate it.

Ask around in the md/va forums and someone could help you.

I’m off that day, so as long as there isn’t a bunch of snow or something, i’ll bring some heads with me and get it in.

Good shit jester.

Damn this has to be the same day as Revival :shake:

Hey make the drive up with some of those ga players.

I would this month but most GA players are going to Revival since it’s been months since the last one. If y’all have one in February, I’ll make sure to tell my friends who are traveling this year to come since I’ve wanted to go to one of these for months now & hopefully it’ll be right before Final Round this year so that would be great practice.

I’m requesting the day now. . .been working crazy hours so hopefully she gives me a day off. Got promoted so been hard to even leave the house lol

Bringing that beach time Abel…


Ugh, go to this? Or go out to the bars to get drunk for my birthday!?

The choices are killing me!

You can’t do both?

Yeah my Birthday IS the day of the tourny. I had a change of plans and will be here…Jus’ not sure if I should go or not!!!

If I do, it would be jus’ for ST, any Alpha or CvS2 casuals…

I’m tryn to get my transport right for this one. Im gonna get bodies, but I want to learn and earn respect. So Sim will be there.