Xanadu Monthly Tournament 8/7 - Baltimore, MD - SSF4/CVS2/MvC2

Super Street Fighter IV 27 entrants

  1. EX MagMan - (AB, RU, CH, BX)
  2. Lud (DMG) - (CH)
  3. Dr.Chaos (DMG) - (AK)
  4. Steve H - (SG, FE, SK)
  5. DarkChild - (BX)
  6. InfernoOmni - (RU)
  7. HAV - (AB)
  8. QR - (CH)
  9. umthrfkr - (BL/DI)
  10. strogg - (DI)
  11. vivaldi - (RU)
  12. Vinco

View the brackets here. COURTESY of TONAMENTO.

http://www.justin.tv/xanadugames/videos <- All the video goodies for your needs.

Capcom vs SNK 2 (About 14 or so entrants? Can’t remember)

  1. Steve H
  2. Rugal B
  3. HAV
  4. umthrfkr
  5. MagMan
  6. Beast Joe

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  1. AsianDaisy
  2. Magneto-X
  3. MagMan

14 Entrants!!

  1. Coma
  2. Chaos Breakus
  3. Lane-san
  4. Wallstreet
  5. 4r5
  6. Rei

I got fucked up.

I don’t like losing to Pat in cvs2. Even if it is my 0 years of experience to his 4-5.

Next goal is to not lose to that shit next tournament.

cmon creezy tighten it up

cmon creezy tighten it up

Because you wanted to play PS3 Marvel. That’s what happens to scrubs. :shake:

Full Marvel results:

  1. AsianDaisy (MSS/MSP/Matrix)
  2. Magneto-X (Combofiend/MSP)
  3. MagMan (Santhrax; that’s all I saw you play, lol…)
  4. Lud (Chun-Li/Storm/Psy; good shit, Lud)
    5: Rugal B. (Santhrax; don’t know why you didn’t choose the gun :chainsaw:)
    5: Fresh (Jill/Jug/someone else I fucked up :rofl:)
  5. strogg
  6. PVFP
  7. Shin Ryan
  8. Steve H.
  9. sethp
  10. Sayco
  11. Reljin

Good shit to everyone, including Magneto-X for giving me some good finals matches. They should have been recorded/streamed, lol.


Forgot to say, good fucking shit to MagMan for taking assf4. You were definitely powered up off that sheeeezy. :rofl:

And good shit to Dr. Chaos for making it down and holding his own.

No homo.

Good shit to QR. Tournament nerves finally gone? Also I didn’t watch all day so I hope Chaos Breakers got some stream time.

Yo DAMN Jason you lost to Lud’s Chun-Li in Marvel???

Hey man Santhrax/SSCable…I need my one hitter quitter for toddlers. I wasn’t nice on the MAS after all these years.

He forfeited that match, lol. Steve H. forfeited both of his matches. Dude is so free.

Chaos Breaker got no stream time :<

Creeping around Dr. lol lol

You were ranked 13th lol lol

Your lucky the salt monster wasnt there.

ST (arcade CPS2 version run on krost’s supergun):

  1. Biran (claw)
  2. Steve H (o.Sagat)
  3. Marsgatti (Guile)
  4. krost (o.Ken)
  5. Rugal (o.Sagat)
  6. strogg (dictator)

Man I got crushed big time. It’s all good though. Helps me get better.

Super Puzzle Fighter 2: Turbo Results
8-man bracket

1 SethP
2 Strogg
3 Kattermari
4 Vinco
5 Evan
5 4r5
7 ShinRyan
7 DikRodnum

i dont think you have a choice for the foreseeable future(rest of life).

you already on that eric v shit where i have to handicap myself.

i respect you aiming for the top of the mountain and all but i would like to see a snookums v magman first.

Nah son I’ll beat your A groove we’ll play straight up.

Snoox is gonna get hands put on him.

hope everyone enjoyed what there was of the stream
my final xanadu (monthly) stream of the year i think…!!!
Xanadu has their own equipment now though, so you guys will still retain the same quality

It’s been set. Me vs Sayco in cvs2 next XanBat grudge match.

Next time one of these happens I gotta make sure 3s happens.

Love the diversity in games, sounds like it was pretty fun. :smiley: