XB1 left analog up + L3 makes creaking sound


So I started user a backup I bought in April on sale and noticed if I push left stick up and in, the board makes a creaking sounds. I even feel it vibrating a bit before it actually triggers the click. Which is a little unnerving. Any ideas on this one? Worth opening up and taking a look?
Also as petty as it is the left hand grip/cap doesnt meet as flush as the other so it rubs and scrapes at the inside of my palm. I’m not sure what to do there to push it together harder. I even swapped the grip caps from the other controller but same feel. Maybe sand it down or just take an xacto and slice the angle off.

The other controller I was using exclusively since I got my xbox1 in March. Now it started exhibiting stick drift upwards. Also left stick pressed right and clicking in wouldnt even make a click anymore.
A friend at microsoft store said I could try and bring in the other one and get it swapped out, but with this one still technically working, Im wondering if I should take a look myself.


Are we talking about a actual Microsoft brand Xbox one game pad?
Your post is not clear if you are talking about a Game pad or a Arcade stick.

If you want a guaranteed fix
If it’s a MS Xbox One game pad and it has issues, do not open it up or you will void the warranty. Their technicians can (and will) tell if you open the thing.
Just take your friend’s offer and have the thing swapped out for a new pad.

If you don’t mind taking the lost and looking for a cool DIY project by all means go ahead.
I am not saying it is not fixable, but you always want to assume that is the case with going DIY.
As when you open up that controller “all bets are off” and there no going back.


Sorry for lack of info. Yes its a legit XB1 retail controller. So far I have had bad luck with them. First in March with console had a dpad that didnt really work. I just thought thats how they were, couldnt even get a fireball out in KI.
Then I got another on sale a few weeks later and tried it and blew my mind the night and day difference. I replaced that first one but didnt use it. Now that my main one died, I tried and noticed crazy creak.
So for now I have 2, one has the bad analog stick and I will try and swap in the store.
The other that creaks seems more cosmetic and I dont want to press my luck.
I’m just wondering what would cause it? Just some loose screws internally? I’ve done some soldering and my own Dreamcast agetec to 360 w/ sanwa parts, then replaced pcb with xb1 mini pcb so I’m not a total stranger to going in.


I just saying is always assume such a project like repairing a pad could end up in disaster.
So always plan for that eventuality.

Also if you try to take the pad apart you can’t later try to get it exchanged for a replacement at the store.