XB1/PS4/PC universal fight stick?

is there a fight stick that is available for use with xbox one, ps4 and pc? and maybe 360? 360 is not really a priority.

my real priority is spending money on only 1 stick that i can use on any platform.

You should check Tech Talk for questions on arcade sticks…


Also a little tip: “Fightstick” is an arcade stick brand coined by MadCatz. If you use that word to describe any arcade stick, it might leave a bad taste in some people’s mouth.

To the OP:
There is no currently available arcade stick that’ll support both XBO and PS4. You can get one that supports either XBO, or PS4, and then add in a PCB that’ll support the other.

any recommendations on a PCB to make it support the other console?

Get a PS4 stick and dual mod with a Crossbone. AFAIK, Xbone sticks aren’t common ground.

Edit: Forgot the Atrox was cg. Duh, lol

sound good thanks. can u tell me the benefits of using crossbone over any other?

I don’t think there are any other options to add Xbone compat. Nobody really cares about it since Xbone only has KI, which is even coming to PC later.

I derped and forgot that the Razer Atrox for Xbox One is common ground, however I wouldn’t recommend it since the case feels pretty fragile. @d3v can attest to the frailty of the Atrox case.

My Atrox tore its own hinges.

yea i wanted it for xbox1 for KI actually. but then again i remembered if u have the xboxone version u can get it for pc for free

hmm. do i even need to dual mod then? lol damn i dont even know. i dont always have my gaming pc ready with me as i share with my GF. maybe time to build my own.

lol alright. thank you very much for the info. i appreciate it.