XBl chat + Buttons for custom stick?

Alright, I planning on building for myself a custom wood arcade stick with the pcb from a wired 360 controller. I was able to mod my Hori ex2 with all sanwa, so I don’t think this should be too challenging. However, I did have a couple of questions. If there’s a thread on this, please don’t hesitate to send me the link.

1.) How can make and xbl headset jack? I was thinking I could just keep the jack from the controller attached to the pcb and just drill a whole leading into the jack in the front of the box. The problem with this is that I’m also going to sacrifice some cord length by having the pcb posistioned so far back. And I’d like to avoid buyig a wireless headset.

2.) What should I use for the start, select, bumper, and xb buttons? Is it possible to use buttons from the controller, or should I purchase either those momentary switches from Radio Shack or maybe even some standard arcade buttons?

  1. Buy a 2.5mm male to female cable/extender. Plug that into the PCB, then put the female end on the front of your box. It means you can then plug your headset into that externally. The only drawback of this is it always says that your headset is plugged in due to the extension being in the PCB port.

http://www.infinitecables.com/pop/av_25mm3.htm <-- Like that, but obviously you want a much shorter cable length

  1. Just use standard arcade buttons. http://slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/360_diagram1.jpg. All of the buttons you mentioned act the same as the A,B,X Y and D-pad, there digital. So just connect them the same way to some arcade buttons.

Yes threads like this already exist, but I cant be bothered to search for one, thats your job.

Hope this helps anyway.

just grab yourself a 2.5mm extension cable and use that to extend your headset jack to wherever you want to drill on your case.

usually people will just use smaller 24mm buttons for guide button, ect

Does the extension have to be for stereo or pc? Would this work?

What do you mean PC? Eitherway it needs to be stereo, so the one in your post should work fine

Idk, maybe I was confusing that with something else. Thanks for all the help!