XBL FiOS Problems Thread

I have Verizon Fiberoptics and ever since I made the switch from cable Xbox Live matchmaking has been slow as molasses in any game I play. This especially sucks for SFIV because I search for a game and by the time the search is finished every single game is full. Also, quick match NEVER works. It just says “Unable to Play” every single time. Anyone else with FiOS having this issue? I’m guessing it has to do with the new networking janx but then again…I know nothing about networking lawl.

I have fios and I don’t get quick matches either. I basically have to hit the A button all day long to eventually get into one. Might be a port that needs to be opened or something. I don’t experience any lag issues on fios whatsoever though. Just host games instead?

Look around to see what ports xbox live and/or this game needs open and enable them in your router, that could help.

Hosting is good advice.

That or try custom matches, but make sure you’re searching for stability instead of anything else.

I don’t think quick match works reliably for anyone at the moment.