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I know each individual game has its own matchmaking thread but I figured making one general thread where we could find all our gamertags and the games we play…

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Gamer Tag:
Fighting Games I Play:
Pad or Stick


Gamer Tag: Melfice X
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Fighting Games I Play: KOF XIII, SSF4:AE, SSF2THDR, SF3:TS, Some UMvC3…Cant wait for SFxT
Pad Warrior


Gamer Tag: Mo0nL1ghtSp1d3r
Location: Staten Island, NY
Fighting Games I Play: UMvC3, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur, SSF4:AE.


Gamer Tag: Verimeloni
Location: Finland, Northern Europe
Fighting Games I Play: BlazBlue CT-CSII-CSE, Soul Calibur IV, soon GGXXAccent Core (Live)
Regular 360 pad, soon stick!


Gamertag: Jiavin
Location: Revere, MA
Fighting games I play: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Soul Calibur V, Skullgirls, Street Fighter X Tekken.
Regular 360 controller, never changing.


Gamer Tag: ZEROne 510
Location:Bay Area, Ca
Fighting Games I Play:ssiv ae, HDR, ngbc, motw, 3s, sf2 hf, mortal kombat collection, kof xiii
New to arcade stick