*XBL HDR Tournament*

Thank you to Blue for giving me input and helping me decide the format etc for this. Alright so here’s the info:

2-vs-2 style
Post in your characters before hand
No Double characters gentlemen
Who you team with Doesn’t Matter just can’t be yourself
Winners get 800 MS points apiece
Akuma is banned
(obviously lol)

The tournament is set to start-finish in the span of 1 Day or maybe (if everyone’s schedule permits) the full weekend. I’ll collect all the participants suggestions for the date before I give a set deadline.

Okay, so Good Luck to everyone!

Tournament is scheduled to start September 18th at 11:00 am pt.

Deadline for sign-ups is September 17th at 9:00 pm pt.

Dekor and nappynightmares are taking this EASY SON!

Make sure and post on both sections Orochi HDR too if you are going to join

Sounds interesting! I have a good chance of being able to participate in a weekend event.

Good shit Lyghts, thanks for running it. Tip: set the date now, people won’t join if they don’t know when it’s gonna run.

I’m down just need to find a partner first

Los, hold me. You think broly’ll be able to make it?

Good idea offering MS points. Too bad I will be busy and not able to play. =/

Damn. Lemme see if I can get the day off. I wasn’t in on this.

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Team AoD 1st team is me n caesar. Haven’t decided on my character yet n guile for caesar

Sounds like fun. IMO, gap between deadline and tourney should be a little shorter, just to give more time for folks to gather up a partner. I hope I can make this one.

I’m in.
Teamed with Ceasar

I’m in, too. Playing with Caesar.

Wait, he’s playing with two other guys already? That ho-bag!


Post in that one fellas. This thread kinda just passed away lol, everyone is in the above thread. Nipul are you really in?