XBL Only - Dudley Endless Lobby Sessions -



Since other thread first post cant be updated I thought I’d make me own.
What’s a good date and time for these sessions so everyone can join?
I’ll update first post after a few suggestions
actually how bout everyone post their own time ect ect and I’ll just see if everyone agrees with what seems like a good fit.

XBL Only 8 Man Lobbies and training sessions
Add GT EndlessMGB If you’re online and playing SF4 during a time of a meeting you will recieve an invite to a below endless session.

**Meeting hosts and Details **

**GT and Name - TIME and Date - **

Keep the thread XBL Only
If you want feed back on how you’re doing with Dudley post here on send a PM on XBL.
If you want to host a session post your rules time and GT.

Looking for a teacher

Monday’s is good. Something like Sunday nights if possible unless people have early morning work time. Whatever time people can be expected or able to get on is good.


friday nights


I can play everyday @ 10pm pacific time. I’m not new to the forums, I just never post. My gamertag is MrMoodypants. I hope you don’t mind me crashing :stuck_out_tongue:


I still don’t have a good controller for this, can I log on just to watch others play?


ya sure why not


Fuck I don’t have a xbox anymore
Got the pc/psn garbage. If someone would record these it would be awesome


Maybe stream them live? Or go play on SRK Live 24/7? Good way to give tips about specific match ups as well. And it would be funny if a bunch of Dudleys went on and started dominating XD


Srrsly - if you guys were to hit SRK Live as a group of Dudley’s I would learn so much
My Dudley used to be marn light until I started miring thirty4’s posts/tuts
I absorb so much now by watching better Dudley’s wreck people


noone can upload matches from endless sessions.
if they do they banned

if i knew how to stream with dazzle i woud try


you guys should thinking about hitting srk/live from time to time tho
then we can just watch the replays on their channel if we miss it


i have stream set up.

ill stream as soon as people post what time they can play




I can stream my only problem is sound because my sound card is making some kind of noise (I sent my laptop to fix the sound card and replaced and it’s still making that same exact noise so it’s gotta be something in the settings that noone or I can help fix) so I can stream with no noise because I can’t seem to fix it. also going to srklive? no.


no sound is fine - I can just listen to my gay ass music while watching with my pants off


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eh, I’ve reported you countless times for lying, trollin’ worse than me, and for just being you. ggkthnxbye I win.


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replying to a post with no value with another post with no value.
that’s probably like a 2point infraction.

but srs imma stop since i dont wanna get banned before i can do level 3 like level 2


anyway, I found password so just gonna revise the notepad and you tell me if anything’s missed. brb in 10-15 mins gotta sparkle it up.