XBL PLAYERS: Anyone down to play



im looking for players to play on xbl LOL lmk gamertag is kstoute


Add me.



ill add you when i get on


Are you dudes northeast coast. Need green bars in my life.

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im from east coast canada if youre from the east it should be fine


Add me, Killrilla from Toronto

My Disc is cracked though, can’t play much until I pick up a new game, i can only go into versus or training LOL


alright ill add u navi if u havent figured out who i am by now lol as for the disk install it to your hardrive it should work properly my disk is nearly shattered


You’re a genius, and I think I just figured out who you are! loll




Nice Picture Stoute… haha


swag lololol


Yo it is mad hard to late dp folks online even with gdlk internet. Why cant i play everyone offline. Id have like 30000000000000 pp lol. Still ok for matchups


alright add me on xbl


xbl: sangief17


Lol You’re Sangief?!?! You beat me one round an taunted then I came back to beat you a while back :wink:

Asshole :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol Owned


xbl sm4llp0xbl4nket


it doesnt seem to work :confused: try adding me


man went from like 3200 pp to 2700pp. Oh well lol i figured out im free to online guy


add 3 instead of e on blank3t