XBL Prefered Number of Rounds



Just wondering what the general consensus is on number of rounds people would prefer, in case I invite any SRK members to join a player match.


best of 5, definately. it just makes things more enjoyable for me


best of 5 b/c it just seems better to me


Best of 5 personally.


best of 3 cause it sets my mind to a tourney type scenario.


Best of 3. It’s how I was raised. Hard to go against tradition. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So forth and so on.


Best of 5 for sure.


Best of 5 gives you a better chance to learn your opponent and how he plays.


as well as gives you the chance to pull off that epic comeback


I prefer best of 5. It gives a better match imo. I am also prone to throw a round or two with a silly mistake so best of 5 gives me a better chance of winning/making a comeback.


Best of 3 FTW! 5 rounds makes me border on the edge of a mental breakdown.


Definitely 5… Coming back to win after being down two rounds to none is great


That is what we call a Bill Cosby.