XBL + PSN Lobbies Thread


When Persona 4: Arena is available for purchase on August 7th and you wanna find some other people to play it with come here to find others.

Just post you’re info in this format.

Gamertag or Psn

Have Fun!


Southern California
PSN - bluAsterisk

XBL - bluAsterisk (Inactive since I don’t have a 360 yet, probably won’t get P4A for it either)


PSN: BX_JustChills
New York
Fight, add, and have fun :smiley:


XBL: Rune Ocarina
Washington State
None of my online friends are fighting game fans so I need some =(


Psn ; ParksideKiller
Las Vegas
I want to play with people trying to learn the game and also don’t have 3,000,000 psr points day of launch.


gamertag: antman9139


I am interested in player matches and maybe even online training room with people that have a mic.


I try if you want however I don’t know how good the connection would be


PSN: Onslaught_EXE
Pueblo, Colorado

I’m on often. Just shoot me a message and we can throw down a few matches.


XBL: Tetsuro
Southern California

Add me whenever. The more match up experience I can get the better.


MD/DC area

Hit me whenever always down for player matches… bring a mic!


XBL Hello Momomo

Up to play whenever.


PSN: Barzorx
Location: Northern/Central Mexico (I move out a lot due to work)
Akihiko player…


PSN: Eirokaj
Main(s): Yu / Mitsuru
Location: Birmingham, AL

Seeking to get involved within the P4A community.


PSN: Jotamide
Main: Chie
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Looking forward to play against y’all!


PSN: Boyka_OSC
Location: Guadalajara , Mexico


PSN: ZiubiwitChan
Location: London, Canada

I’m new to fighters, please help me learn!



Every loss is a victory! come beat me to a pulp!


PSN: UndeadEwok
Main: KUMA-KUN Alt: Elizabeth


XBL: KingMercil3ss
Location: NY, USA
Looking for people to just play with and level up.