XBL + PSN Lobbies Thread


PSN: ZiubiwitChan
Location: London, Canada

I’m new to fighters, please help me learn!



Every loss is a victory! come beat me to a pulp!


PSN: UndeadEwok
Main: KUMA-KUN Alt: Elizabeth


XBL: KingMercil3ss
Location: NY, USA
Looking for people to just play with and level up.


XBL : TC True Tech
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Main: Aigis
Learning : akihiko, liz
trying to learn match ups looking for people to grind it out with, throw me a request or look for the room name waifu battles


XBL: Earthbound925
Location: San Francisco, CA
Main: Aigis
Subs: Akihiko, one day will learn Yu
Also trying to learn matchups, add me!


with you on this. I’m runnin’ 10 hour workdays and the masochist in me decided to start off playing Elizabeth, so there’s that.

psn: hostvarious
loc: Los Angeles


XBL: Unblockable Ace
Main : Chie
Loc : Baltimore MD (east coast)

I’m looking to play with anyone and all skill levels. I’m new to this kind of game (arc sys) and I wanna stick with it. Add me and send me a message. Usually free on weekends and some weekday evenings


XBL: KingMercil3ss
Location: NY, USA
Looking for people to just play with and level up, I have no P4A friends, I need some to play with.


XBL: JollyOlBastid
Location: California

Feel free to PM me for some games, or something.


PSN: Gomikawa
Location: San Francisco, CA
Main: Chie

Just got the game.


XBL: Leakey88
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Main: Yu

Lookin’ for people to spar with!


Xbl: ForcedIntimacy
Location: Western Pennsylvania
Main: Aigis / Shabrys

Add me friends, I’m sick of waiting 10 minutes for a ranked match or finding only 5/8 (6/8) (4/5) lobbies. I really like this game and am trying to break myself away from dat Mahvel but these wait times are harshing my hype big time.


South California

XBL: ParrotMan01

Update: Game is here. Come at me! I’m only just starting this game.


Xbl: MrVietJr
PSN: BloodSaint7
Location: Vancouver. BC.


XBL: TheBlackHombre
Location: Florida

I main Kanji and have a pocket Yu.


PSN: SolarSkurge

I play like every fighter I can get. Persona being my favorite right now. I main Kanji.


PSN: Fourty-Two_
Location: Victoria, BC
Main: Teddie

I’m nothing special, but I’m willing to play against anyone of any skill level.


Hey Hey,
Any action still going on in this room for xbox live?


Montgomery, AL

Brand-spankin’-new to the game. Trying to main Chie.