Xbl/psn player matchup/training tread



didnt see any matchup treads, let’s get to training!

xbl: skratchiechan
main: ONI :wink:
region: San Diego

copy and paste


psn: cheesedoodles408
main: juri, oni
region NorCal


xbl: TFA Djinn
main: Oni, Vega
region: Midwest


Xbl: Zeonlive
Main: Oni, Bison, Balrog
Region: NY


PSN: Overlord_Raknus
Mains: Seth, Oni, Gouken
Europe, The Netherlands


Mains: Oni, Cammy, Bison
Region: Canada


PSN - Mun-chiSRK
Main: Makoto,Fuerte
Reigon: Midwest


XBL: Kahmos
Main: (either Gen or Makoto) and possibly Oni
Region: USA East Coast (EST)



Characters I’m decent with: Bison, Feilong, Deejay

East coast


PSN: MuhhPhukka
Mid Coast
Main: Oni, Gouken, Abel


PSN: southpaw_srk
Main: Oni, Ken, Bison, Sagat


PSN: greenryu
Atlanta, GA (Originally Detroit, Michigan)
Main: Oni
Sub: Balrog


xbl: Boriqua Kyaku
main: ONI :wink:
region: Florida

I have no arcade stick cause it broke so I’m playing on a 360 pad but the good news is I order it so I’ll get it by next week.


xbl: Carpet Muffin
Main: oni
Region Michigan


XBL: ChefNeedles
Main: Oni and Yang, okay with Fei
Region: CT


My Main: Oni
Brother’s Main: Evil Ryu
My Alts: Yun, Akuma, Bison
Brother’s Alts: Abel, Cody, Seth
Region: Florida :wink:


Ok, I caved and DL’d it. Still buying the disc, though :expressionless:

PSN: mr_nezbit
Mains: Chun Li (Vanilla), Makoto (Super), and Oni (AE) - Willing to play random ;(
Region: Texas

I just blew $30.00 at Arcade UFO in one night and decided a $15.00 download isn’t such a terrible thing…

EDIT: I also have BlazBlue Continuum Shift II - main Lambda and dabble in Tao, Hazama, Jin, Tsubaki, etc.


Xbox: Guthrise
Mains: Oni, Bison
California - Socal


finally a socal ONI, let’s get some matches in!!!


Xbox: LiiGz
Mains: Oni, Akuma and Balrog
Region: UK (I love tea, crumpets and I never brush my teeth, I’m not very pleasant to play against.)