XBL SFIV Southeast Practice

Hey fellas (and ladies). I’m an old (and historically terrible) SF2 player that’s followed the series since it debuted in my arcade in the 90’s. I’ve never considered myself an advanced player but I’ve always tried to dabble with the ever-changing combo systems and keep up with the SF engines’ nuances and community insights throughout the years. For the first time I can remember, I have the time, the money, and the means to practice my butt off to get tournament ready. Since lots of people gave up on SCIV, I’ve stopped practicing that game and am focusing on SFIV.

My main is Rufus. I plan on learning more of the roster and so far I’ve been enjoying Gen, Guile, and Akuma. Those are the only characters I’ve looked up and practiced combos for so far, but I also enjoy dabbling with the rest of the cast (in case you get bored with my Rufus).

I live in Tampa, Florida so I would prefer to find some practice partners in the Southeast for less laggy matches. Hell, if you live in Tampa send me a PM and we could arrange some offline matches. That said, I’ll play anyone no matter where they’re from, provided lag isn’t atrocious.

Hit me up on XBL if you want to have some matches. My GT is Shaggysmoker. If we get good matches going I can dig up the Dazzle and throw them on Youtube for ya :smokin:

Oh yeah, all is fair in love and war. If “cheap” and/or “cheese” are words you commonly use, then please don’t bother. If something works, use it. I promise I’ll try my best to return the favor :china:

your in tampa fl!!! i never seen u posting in the tampa thread…

im in st.pete
gt: mugenxinfinite

Add me as well.

Official Final Round practice thread. :tup:

lol…doesnt that take place tomorrow?

I’ll be there. Biggest east coast tourney of the year. If you’re anybody in the fighting game scene on the east coast…you’re there. Further westerners like Buktooth and Gootecks are making it out as well.

maybe when i graduate next year i would be able to free up some time for events like these. guess i gotta step my game up to ><

Yeah I just discovered that Tampa thread, thanks. I even recognized a few people there. I’ll keep an eye on it for local stuff and maybe to host my own (I’m in Tampa, Carrollwood area).

I’ll add you guys tonight to friends.

I am in Gulf Breeze FL, you can add me, though I rarely hop on XBL. Will play SF4 or HDR.

I’m in Tampa too, USF area, add me (xbox live tag, not ps3)

Don’t play with homer he is a scrub j/k :smiley: Add me if you want I’m in New Orleans.




Im from Margate Florida!!

Xbox Live ID: arly mejia

ggs. you got a nice gen. but it could be alot better. try playing more aggressive though… but then again i was gouken ;p

who wants to try my gouken!?!??! i DARE you!! lol

in the southeast, atl to be exact. i agree with you 100% with all is fair. add me if you want a good fight.

I’m in ATL, have a really good connection. I’m usually on after 5 pm on weekdays till whenever my gf says “I’m tired of watching you play SF dammit!”

Gotta be more XBL people in the Southeast than this!

Hey add me. I am in Miami and play a pretty decent Gen. I am usually on after 8 pm est and on and off till the midnight hours. Hit me up for a fight!

Go ahead and add me… I live in Apollo Beach, FL… (Tampa)

I’m in Spring Hill Florida. Send me invites. I’m always playing.