XBL ssf4 updates?

So, I just have ssf4. My question is do I have to buy the AE update to get the updated game-play or does buying AE just get you the new chars?

AE DLC I believe only nets you to be able to play as the the Yang Bros, Evil Ryu, and Oni…there’s a compatibility pack for SSF4 users for free which has AE tweaks for the existing SSF4 characters.

You have to buy AE if you want the new bells and whistles.

OK, cool so I don’t need to spend money as long as I don’t care about new chars. Does this also apply to v2012?

v2012 is a free update, only for AE owners.

Keep in mind, that by playing SSF4 you’re limited to only playing SSF4. You can play against AE owners, but it reverts to SSF4 and even then only if they’ve chosen to allow playing against SSF4 owners.

…So in order to play the latest version I must buy the AE update?..yes?

Seeing as AE is the latest version … yes.