XBL Training Session



Helloooo Chun boards

I was hoping if anyone had any extra time and is willing to walk through some stuff with me, I’ve been having an issue staying consistant with my play.

I have really bad habits and I could use some one on one with someone to go over spacing, some basic combos, stuff like that. I have a pretty lack luster chun that I made myself.

my XBL name is ekelrock, I’ve been on a lot getting worse as the time goes by

anyone willing to help me out for a while?


im not actually a pro chun li but if you are in europe i would play you as i really want to improve myself and more so in the chun li vs chun li fight. if not good luck :]


I’m not in europe, but if the lag isn’t too bad I would love to match up! what times are you usually on?


oh my connection to just about everywhere is pretty poo!!! i dont really have times im on at, more like when i have the time and im not doing anything more fun ill play sf :slight_smile:

are you good? i dont know if i am or how good i am lol, pm me and ill try and find time for games but i dont know when and i imagine it will be toooooooooo laggy.


I would like to think I don’t suck, but then again I don’t win a lot, so that is why I’m looking for some help


(Hmm. So this is who you are on SRK – you already know my thoughts on this matter. Focus on what we discussed first…)

I know you seek an intense one-on-one session where a player could “spoon feed” you the info, but honestly NO player can really offer up that sort of time until you can at least meet them halfway by having some established fundamentals first. Footsies and Defense 101 are the areas you have to excel a lot more convincingly at your current stage. This could take a matter of months or weeks, depending on how intense your research and training is.

If you really want to accelerate those sessions, start using the regional threads, locate players local to your area and set up sessions (offline). This can aid your development cycle a great deal.

Good luck.

p.s. stop worrying about wins, in your journey, you should expect (and desire) losses as they’ll help you to readily isolate holes in your game.
p.p.s. try to look into playing with a direct connection as no one will want to put a lot of time into a session that’s running on a 1-bar connection.