XBL Update??

I am sick of the player/ranked match system. when is the update coming, anyone know?? sorry for the repost, if it is one.

It was supposed to happen on Tuesday, March 31. It’s been changed to “second quarter 2009” now, so it should come in April, May, or June.

Truth be told, the Tourney Edition should have been part of Street Fighter 4 from the get go. At this point, I wouldn’t hold my breath. In the old days, back when telephones had rotary dials and the internet was probably something used by fishermen to catch trout, a man’s word was his bond. If a company promised to do something and didn’t follow through? Man, they’d get punished.

There would be mass protests and people marching in the streets. The letters from fans and the millions of angry parents would be enough to choke a landfill. 60 Minutes would send one of their top reporters to grill the heck out of anyone remotely connected with the company.

But those were the old days…

yeah your right boss!
people are to willing to lye down and take bad news and bad service ,
to many indians not enough chiefs,
who even sends a complaint letter anymore…
people might send complaint emails but there never read!
i was expectin this update had heard loads about it, i get up like a child on christmas day expectin to download an update for sf4 but i was given nothing!
how are all companys gettin away with this shit!!!
because we are all pussies and stopped complaining constructively years ago, BACK IN THE DAY!


A few days ago, I turned on my Xbox and saw that an update was required. I must’ve wet myself until I hit ok and noticed the update was for the Xbox dashboard and not SF4.

It’s sad how much my life revolves around this game haha.

thats like when i seen the changes on the request settings i thought it was the update! but it was nothing!
god damn!

:wonder: It’s scheduled for April 24th, [here’s] the thread with more info… dood!