XBL user prevents a school shooting

That’s pretty amazing. Props to the guy who went through all that.


That 50 dollars a year is worth something I guess.

an unstable texan with a gun? get outta here!

Funny, it doesn’t surprise me that the guy who took the time to follow this up was Canadian.

I don’t know what it is up there, but people are just way nicer than people here, on average.

Something in the water maybe.

less mexicans imo

:lol: I can’t take this kinda shit.

Dope. XBL: Bringing us together for better or worse.

not everyone is, there are still a good amount of careless asscracks in canada as well. just a good person in general.

Doesn’t say if they actually found weapons, he could have been just trolling. Better to be safe than sorry though :tup:

I dunno. Did they find guns/ammo/bombs at the kid’s house? If the kid says he was shooting up the place the next day, then you would. I dont think a kid should get arrested just for fantasizing about killing classmates - I mean, who hasn’t done that?

Maybe he should have applied himself to his academics instead of playing Xbox.

Yeah, I find it kind of odd that just because he said he was gonna do something, the cops showed up at his house.

So does that mean that I can’t tell Sep that I’m gonna smack Earth, Wind & Fire out of his Pops tomorrow?

What kind of America is this?

I don’t want to get too political, but once schools freaked out and enacted “zero tolerance” policies…if a student even has a violent dream, they contact the police now.

I know one kid was actually arrested and expelled for drawing a picture with guns in it, read that article like 4 months ago.

Another student was expelled and arrested for bringing a steak knife in her lunch bag to cut the left over steak in her lunchbag.


Arrested? It couldn’t have been based on what the ‘witness’ was saying - they had to have found something more.

Let’s not forget that kid that recreated his school in the form of a Counter Strike map.

I’m not sure anymore.

These days, things have really gone a bit crazy here in the USA.

I know that any verbal utterance of violence toward a school is supposedly now a “terrorist act”.

Mention the T-word and due process vanishes completely. COMPLETELY.

Actually planning a school shooting is in fact very illegal. Even if a high schooler is caught with notes in a class that detail how he’d do it his ass is going to jail regardless if he even owns a knife or was just joking. As for evidence, it was online chat and Microsoft could probably archive it.

Schools love to overreact to shit, I vividly remember showing up to HS at least once a year during “Bomb Threat” days. The school was “certain” that there might be a bomb on campus so school would be optional on those days. I would show up with my friends and our school of about 2k would only have like 100 students in it. We did nothing in every class and we got free lunch. Shit was sweet.

I remember school faculty flipping out on me when I was in 3rd grade. I came to school in the morning with a glass bottle in my backpack and almost got suspended because some kid saw the top of it poking out of my bag and snitched on me for bringing a beer to school. I got called into the principal’s office and chewed out for bringing beer to the campus, but none of the faculty had actually checked to see if it was beer or not, they were strictly accusing me based on what some kid said. I literally sat there with the Principal, Vice Principal, a counselor, and my teacher all asking me why I did something so terrible and if I was having problems at home. They even called my Mom at work and had her come in to pick me up to start my suspension. After all of their blabbering, I simply said," It’s not beer." They gave me the WTF face andI pulled the bottle out to show them that they were all overreacting idiots.

Success or troll fail?