[XBL] Viper vs Honda

Was wondering if there were some decent hondas who wouldn’t mind playing / helping me (viper player) with this matchup. It’s back to how it was in super, but now I don’t even have EX Seismo to avoid ochio throw :tdown:

Whoops I did not look at the title. Do you go to wnf?

If I lived in california, I definitely would go to wnf lol. I’m in North Carolina

I spar with Latif all of the time, add me and I will gladly try to assist you.

Added :tup:

I just picked up hond and its funny that i just got done wtching your vid on the slaps … who wins this fight in 2012 ?


Thanks what makes him when this fight … im only asking because krone beat ross and i wanted to know why or what ross didnt do

I’d have to watch the vid to tell you that, but honda beats viper in the air and on the ground. Burn kicks get beat by LP headbutt, she can only punish HP headbutt on block (reversal MP TK, and I think she has to stand block it), his air normals. . . gdlk. This is a personal problem, but I find a honda that walks forward. . . very scary. When I try to EX Seismo them as they are coming towards me, I eat cr. jab into HHS :tdown:. If I try to burn kick, I’m eating an air normal :tdown: