XBLA Casual-Intermediate Players wanted! SUPER it up!

Players wanted. tl;dr: Xbox live fighter seeks other beginner-intermediate, casual players to fight. Respect.

Game: Super Street Fighter IV
Platform: Xbox 360

UPDATE: CASUAL-INTERMEDIATE PLAYER XBLA LIST OF let’s have fun and learn. (read below for deets)
List updated 7/30

W00P MstR FresH
Makro Planar
Pounding Beers
JJ Rum
Caqtain America

If, for any reason, you want me to remove your tag from here, let me know and I’ll do so no questions asked.
Also, if anyone fights against each other please post back here with impressions so we can keep this going.

My gt starts with defin - if you see a request from that, it’s me!

Long-ish original post, ignore at your leisure:

Whenever I fight on SSF4 online ranked, I end up losing the majority of the time. This isn’t a bold statement, I know, but bare with me: When I win, it isn’t because of flowcharting or luck. When I focus hard on what I’m doing I win more matches, but the majority of the time I get matched up with considerably better players. I don’t have the energy, focus or level of dedication required to reach such levels.

I would rather find like-minded players who are willing to play more risky, take the match seriously, but are comfortable in the casual-intermediate zone. The “for fun” people (with a hint of, yeah I’d like to get better and learn to be more competitive) instead of the super-serious higher-level players (nothing wrong with those of you who are, I respect your skills).

Quick Match and Custom Match match me up with out of my league, super-defensive or very good, but seemingly very serious players. If that makes sense. Mixed in with a random, I’m going to Fierce SRK you ALL day.

I’m all for improving and learning, but am hoping to find other 360 owners who would have fun with online battles against a casual-basic/intermediate level (I’m not total newbie, no “LOL jump-ins for ALL” action here) Super SF4 player on XBL who isn’t training for EVO and never will be, but is willing to be challenged and challenge back (if possible) within that skill level?

I’m on EST, USA, but as long as the connection is good - game on!

if we could get 4-8 people together for this, I think it’d be cool to do some endless battle.

I hate doing endless battles with tons of people becuase the host is always a little bitch

sounds fun, i like this idea. these days i mostly want to play casually and have fun by choosing random character select or at least selecting between several chars i barely know how to use beyond their specials. but it’s not so fun when my opponent is rocking their main and beating me down when i barely even know my character’s bnb combo. send me your gt or just add as a friend on xbl. my gt is the same name.

I’d be down, i would love to play in tournaments seriously but just don’t have the time to even practice, therefor im not that great.

btw I’ll play too

What times do you guys usually play?

usually weeknights, also where are you from, im on the east coast i dont want the lag to be too extreme.

NY. Your tag comes up as invalid

I’m on at random times during the day sometimes random during the week, but when I manage to get on I stay on for a few hours.

I am west coast, but I play against NY people all the time with full greens so I don’t think it’ll be too big a deal as long as you’re not on dsl.

im in, add me and invite me if you see me on, gt: hellbox9

sounds like fun add me too.

gamer tag has zeroes not oh’s

sounds like fun add me too.

gamer tag has zeroes not oh’s

New Player

Hey Guys,

I’ve been lurking here for a while now and I finally desided to post today. This is actually my first post.

I would like to get involved with playing with you guys. I’m kinda one of those old school guys with memories of the original SF2, so I generally play Ryu/Ken. I just picked up SSF4 and haven’t really been into fighting games for a while. I’m really in need of some training.

I’m on the westcoast and generally online during the evenings. Feel free to add me to your friends list. I’m really looking forward to finding some evenly matched players.

GT: “bneale” - most people drop the “b” and just say “Neal”.



Go ahead and add me to this group as well. I’m usually on at night during the weekdays and sometimes on the weekends. My gamertag is: samcar455

I think this is a great idea because we can really help to skill eachother up by mixing up the matchups and being able to keep it casual so we don’t get too frustrated. Good idea noneofexion!

Hey Guys I’m New Here And I Came Across This Post And I Would Like To Join This Group.

I’m Okay At The Game I Know How To Frame Count To Some Degree Can FADC Moves Pretty Smoothly And Mainly Play As Ken,Guile,Zangief,And Abel So If I Could Would You Invite Me To A Game Because I Really Need Some Practice Without Losing The Little PP I Have Lol.

Anyway I Live On The West Coast And Am Usually On From About 10:00-3:00 Maybe A Little Longer But Anyway My GT Is:Xxcab1020xX.

You seem to be online around the sametimes I am. You’re also on the same coast as me. I’ll send you a friend request.

Does anyone else feel like this thread is dead? The OP hasn’t posted anything for a couple of days. Are we just posting blindly? Is anyone else actually adding people?


Add me to this group. I’m usually online at night during the weekdays but you can probably find me all day on the weekends.

My GT: xpin0yxchr1sx (That’s a number zero and a number one)

I live on the West Coast but feel free to message me whenever you can.

Hey, this is a great idea. id love to play more casual people.

Anyone here feel free to add me, and if you see me on, send an invite to play.

GT: YoshiExcel

Not dead - I’ve been hella busy lately, but am glad others are replying and hopefully making connections. When things calm down on my end I’m totally game for some matches! Keep fighting!