XBLA Casual-Intermediate Players wanted! SUPER it up!

I’d love to get in on this. Lost my drive to play random matches online, would love to get a good session or two in. I’m still pretty new. Still have no idea on my main.

XBL is Plugasauras

Thanks for the update noneofexion. I wasn’t around last night thanks to soccer (and the girlfriend of course) but I will be online today around 7:30pm EST once I get home from work.

If anyone wants to play tonight, hit me up on Live. I’ll be posting during my free minutes here at work and I’ll be watching the thread closely.


If this is still going on I’d like to join as well.

GT is DaUnknown817. Hope to play against you sometime

It’s very cool to see others posting and hopefully making connections!

Hey guys, this is also my first post
lol ignore if you want, i tend to type alot about myself, until the bottom of my post :stuck_out_tongue:
Sounds like fun, and to what Makro said, ill probably use random too, until i find a character i like, and i somewhat hate using charged characters (tho im using a stick and i dont regret buying it, tho ill never be hardcore as some players, its fun to use it on xbox arcade games too xP)
I’m pretty new to play SSF4, but ive played SF2Turbo on the Snes when i was younger, and was horrible at it.
Currently Learning the basics like dashing and stuff, and some executions for a simple QCF P (for moves like fireball) but insted it goes to SRK. I’m also havin some problems with combos and links, but w/e isnt this what this is for lol.
I somehow have like 200PP, yeah of course losing alot, but i guess Spamming spiral cannon with cammy works in random matches, but my winloss ratio aint that great either. Which made me lose some of my self-esteem to play online,ranked.

Since its summer, ill probably be on from 10am-12PM, then 4pm-11pm, but on school days, depending on the workload, proabably from 8-11Pm. West cost, or PST.

My Gamertag is Rezzureckshun
For some reason i feel weird when i add people(even people i know), so you send me the request :3.

i’ll play. You can add me for some casuals. I probably will be on tonight after Jersey Shore premieres, but usually weeknights after 10pm est I’m online.

Seriously, I don’t think many of you will have a very high impression of me. I’m not a good player at all really. I can do all of the special moves and ultra’s, but my execution is lacking.

Also, i’m still learning combo’s and getting used to the system. I want to improve (and I have a good attitude about it) but don’t expect me to be awesome or anything.


bneale, I think a lot of us are in the same boat, and that’s why we’re here.

My gamertag: Pounding Beers

I probably won’t be on too much until Monday though, I got some friends coming in town to visit and will be doing a lot of what my gamertag says.

Agreed sportsdude,

The idea is to promote gameplay among people who are anywhere from starting out and learning beyond basics to those who are a bit more skilled, but just want to play for fun at a casual or intermediate (at best) level. It’s for those who feel like they go on Ranked or Endless and are overwhelmed by higher level players.

bneale, it sounds like your attitude is in the exact right place.

New posters: see page 1 OP for info

You can add me too GT : JJ Rum.

Like a friend always said, I’m in for some friendly competition, a few laughs and a lot of beers.

just a heads up, but I don’t play with my headset on. I find it distracts me if I talk and play at the same time, plus my headset is crappy anyway and it has a hard time picking up my voice unless I yell into it. So if/when I play against anybody here, it’s nothing personal but I don’t use a mic.

Aright here’s my feedback on last night’s games, I found it fun, had some laughs and slowly learned how to execute with a stick, tho i’m a still fail.
Found out i hate using Charged and Fireball characters, but <3 them rushdowns and grapplers. Tho i lost most of the time, that didnt matter. Tried out new characters that i would never really use and best of all i had fun, Tho i was nervous and shaky in the beggining, and never really went online or multiplayer with a stick before, until today :D. It began with 3 people, then more joined, some disconnections, team battle, team battle, endless, endless+ randoms, and then it was just left with me and bneale. Matches with him made me find new favorites. This was a nice idea :3

Feel free to add me, my tag is Lewdafisk (just send a message that you’re from this group so I know you aren’t some random person). I’m new to fighting games in general, but I get torn apart by some pretty good guys I know regularly, so I’m improving at least. I usually play Ibuki and Hakan.

Right now I get on around 4PM PST. If you see me on, feel free to shoot me an invite.

Hey guys, very nice games. We really had some laughs. You see, even last night we all learned some new stuff and improved a little bit. Sorry for leaving early (12 midnight) but gotta work early today (You know, lay at the beach drinking rum ) =D


All, excellent matches. A few high level PP players crept in when the room got bigger, but I think many of us gave a good fight. I added a whole batch of people from the list, I should have noted lack of headset on my part but a LOT of fun regardless! Nice work bneale, Rezzureckshun, and all!

Any more adds, keep coming and I’ll update the OP when I can.

You guys are bitches.

I beat one guy and the whole room leaves.

actually, I think I got a few games in with JJ Rum and vaiken

fun fun fun

Is your gamertag “definezen” then? Cause he was the only guy without a headset. I think I added you and forgot your gamertag.

Yeah it was really fun last night. I got my ass handed to me more then once, but that’s to be expected. I had a couple good close matches but I still need to work on my execution. My new Hori EX2 stick hasn’t been very forgiving on the learning curve and I just got it this week. I also really hate the square gate on it (I haven’t played on an otagonal one, but the square corners annoy me doing SRK and Ultra’s) and I plan on doing a full mod in probably a month.

I look forward to playing with you guys some more. I had a really good time last night but I need to learn some more characters. JJ Rum just kept kicking my ass everytime. But Rezzureckshun and I we’re fairly evenly matched even though he doesn’t really have a main. Between the 2 of us, we might have some epic battles in the future.

FYI - I will be away this weekend and not online until I return. I’ll be back Monday looking forward to JJ Rum owning me some more!

Good Games Everyone!


my Gamertag is Caqtain America. Iam always on SSFIIHDR or SFIIHF. Hit me up. Always looking to train with others!

Haha, is cool guy, we’ll keep getting better with time and practice.

Dander, we had some cool games, make some space in your friends list so we can tag along.

Also, the 1st one who gets online chose what we gonna do, if team play, tournament or a endless battle, we wasted some time jumping from one to another lobbys.

Valken and me are from Puerto Rico, and we actuallu need some good practice, last night the internet ran smooth, even with the canadian guys.

Like I said, I play KOF pretty hardcore, and I’m not that good at SF Series, still, like I said before, Good Games!

Lot’s of typos…too much rum at the beach! :wink:

ROFL!! I saw that and totally forgot I said that until now.

I see your hard at work as always Bogard!!