XBLA SHRED NEBULA 1st Official Trailer & Release Date & new Site!

Shred Nebula XBLA will be launching on 9/3/08!!!
Note: this is an updated thread from the first footage being revealed a few weeks back… New footage linked below (update 8/8/08)

While not a true fighting game, keep in mind this is a game made by myself and Dave Winstead - hardcore fighting developers of for over 15+ years each and games like SFII Hyper Fighting Arcade, SSFIIT Arcade, WeaponLoard, etc. under our belts. So please do not flag us for posting here, this is our roots and the game was made with these roots thru&thru.

In fact each ship in multiplayer has 100% unique weapons and abilities unlike your traditional deathmatch. Weapons can counter each other along with Reflects (thrust block/parry system), dodges and more. While this video is super short, I hope that it gives you a solid glimpse of how Fighting Games and the Fighting Genre we all love can influence something as simple as asteroid style physics based gameplay and turn it into something crazy, deep and fun.


NEW 8.15.08: Official Shred Nebula site finalized and launched! www.shrednebula.com All hardcore details will be found here. It really shows more of the art and upcoming ship selection (revealing over next 3 weeks), eventually tips and expert videos and best matches, etc.

NEW 8.15.08: There is a new IGN article that also covers more about multiplayer we just released here (with some hands on videos): http://xboxlive.ign.com/articles/899/899451p1.html Note: The hands on video is from the perspective of a new player (only 30 mins hands on), so this represents ramping up, fun play (not tournament level :wgrin:)
Also, the official price will be 800MS points ($10)!

From E3:
www.shrednebula.com/ShredNebula_XBLA_1st_Reveal.wmv Note: (both requires Windows Media Player 9+ to be 60FPS!)

:looney:Anyone interested in fighting design and game design in general should start keeping an eye on my blog (listed in my signature) as over the next month I will also be revealing behind the scenes design documentation from Shred Nebula and other fighting design techniques I have used to make this game and many other games. I am very excited to finally own something I can do whatever the #%& I want with, and share such information with thoses who are interested! :looney:

How done is done? “Out this week or next” done? “By the end of the summer” done? “I should get more MS points tonight” done?

The games usually are released, sent to Microsoft, which then releases it later. See the SFHD threads for that.

Question- this is 800 pts right? I’ll admit I’m curious about this project.

WHOO HOO Ive been waiting for this one for a while!!!

Is that music from the game? Wow the trailer made me want this NOW!!!

Release news & answers

No it is not coming out tomorrow (sorry- see my official release here www.djamesgoddard.com). Really bummed, but the good news is a full very high profile roll out will happen instead of just showing up on xbla.

Music: Yes, that is music from the game. We have a lot of music and audio that is equal caliber. The game is amazingly only 85 megs.

seems like the 40 second video file almost 85 megs XD

looks great james, cant wait to check this out. really bummed it isnt out tomorrow =(

You worked on this DJames?

Gameplay looks like a blast, I hadnt seen anything of this up until now, after watching the vid Im definitely buying it.


Hey James,

Congrats to you guys on being done with the project, can’t wait to download it.
Thanks for sharing the vid,

This game convinced me to not sell my 360. I used to play Subspace a TON and still play it from time to time and I am PSYCHED for this.

If you clicked this thread and you read this post and you haven’t watched the video yet, watch the video. The game looks quite cool.

james this looks awesome! just curious what did you guys make it with? did you build the engine and everything else from the ground up? this definitely is a buy!

Thanks for all the feedback and for taking the time to watch the video.

Q&A- Engine? We built this from the ground up with our own tech called the RAK ENGINE (Roaming Arcade Killer Engine). It was build the same way I have designed fighting engines and the ships (AI & Player) were script programmed exactly like fighting characters or adventure fighting characters found in Dave & my previous products (Weaponlord, 10th Degree (not released) Buffy Xbox/all slayer engine games), etc.

The cool & crazy thing is that all the tech and art you are seeing was done by all 1st time game developers- some of which were interns and graduated during the process! Dave Winstead did most of the fx (art and programming them) would be the only visual things done by a veteran (and Dave is not actually an artist, but super talented in this dept).

We had a blast doing this. More in-depth videos to come over the next month to show the true depth of the game (more then a pretty face :lovin: )


Awesome! Now, if SN does well…we can expect WeaponLord 1.5 HD…right?


Namco owns Weaponlord.

Maybe an original Weapons Fighter perhaps?

It’s too bad you guys can’t get on Impulse as well- I think your stuff would do well there.

Bump- new info: release date and first trailer revealed!

How much is it in terms of points? Assuming 800.

Wow, game looks great!

Too bad I own a PS3 =(