XBLIG "Mount Your Friends" for Evo 2013?

Oh XBLIG, this is why I can’t quit you. Other games are hollow for me now that I can spend 30 seconds meatspinning my opponent before positioning myself in such a way that the most strategic thing to grab onto in the early game is my dong.

This is so amazing. Damn it Microsoft! Where will go for these gems now?

So I watched the a bit of the vid when originally posted and thought it was very unique and creative. Now this thread gets bumped and I notice their junk is dangling…flagged for abuse!

What the choaniki did I just watch?!

Holy balls, this got three flags and yet a gif of bouncing titties goes scott free? What’s this horsecrap?

Edit - And I find it straight-up bullshit that any thread with a trailer for Dragon’s Crown will go unflagged on the same standards. And no, I don’t think they should be flagged. I’m not 12 years old. I do, however, find this shit to be hilarious, and I haven’t laughed at a game this hard in a long long while.

^They’re kidding. Also I played the game today and yeah it’s pretty neat once you get going.