XBlive Cody's to follow?



Just wondering which Cody’s on XBL fellow players would reccommend following?

I followed God Palkia and SIECodyLegendRT just because they were number 1 and 2 when I checked.


those are the 2 worst i beat them all the time and i use cody too god palkia is a booster, one of the best is d3merd or something like that hes got videos online and has beaten mago and tokido. just cuz they got the most opoints doesnt mean there the best


+1 to dnm3rd.

dunno on which platform i8600011 plays.


Which Is why I’m asking here :slight_smile:

IIRC i8600011 is psn


you can follow me :slight_smile: im no 18600011 but the next best american thing :slight_smile:


i8600011 is on psn, but no replays of him have come up yet. I guess he doesn’t play on console anymore?


online codys suck.


^your a joke.

Anyway. Even tho i don’t have XBL. but there’s like 5 Cody players from Japan that are beast with him. One of them is Junnnn (either 4 or 5 N’s to his name). There’s dmn3rd and another ‘3rd’ player. 0ShinAkuma0 had some nice Cody replays on his youtube channel… Should check em out


i agree with this guy^


The only one worth watching that still plays in AE is Sasaki AKA dnm3rd.

Since Cody’s playstyle is virtually unchanged in the transition from SSF4 to AE though, watching old SSF4 videos work too. Look for Junnnnn, gatorinnguru, Furansujin, or Kawa111guchi.


You can watch me =D


@MrSleeps Don’t Come on fourms talking non-sense i trashed your cody all the time. You only beaten me one time -_-. I msged you a FT5 and STILL TO THIS DAY did not get a reply. I am a good cody player many people can co-sign on that. I got many Japan cody players on my BL list. I really cant play to my full potential simply because i don’t play enough good players like tokido etc. Dnm3rd,Junnnn. Nevertheless, I’ve been in 7 Local tourneys and won 3 of the 7 I attended in Houston. SSF4 players Fail to realize It’s online and good people cant really play at 100% full potiential anyway.


Whenever I search for i8600011 it says he doesn’t have a channel. Is that true


lol joe dont take it personally its just a game, fyi im 4-1 against u 3-1 against cody vs cody and you used juri one time and got bodies and you were taunting which was so non classy, (still got videos btw), either way its just a game, i never said i was the best cody becuase im not, i do my own share of holding it down in tourneys here in MA, i havet responded to your messages becuase i havent been online i been playing offline mode its way better. dont get all salty about the situation,

also i have seen your “new replays” and there not impressive so stop acting like your the best cody on xbl becuase you got the #2 points.

thanks have a nice day

oh and i would love to have a ft5 with you love playing good players


You don’t have to look after i8600011. Thats furansujin :wink: In an AE tourney in Japan he called himself fransejin.

I think he’s one of the best (the best?) Cody player. dnm3rd is beast, too.

Like Mordio said… gatorinnguru and kawa111guchi play very nice Codys :slight_smile:


There’s a decent Cody on Peaceful Jay’s stream named Razzor Devil. Then again I’m bad so any Cody that can get solid wins looks good to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Search sasaki Cody on YouTube. Great videos. Especially for the yang/yun haters.