Xbll Dudley mainer looking for an Abel mainer to train with

You cant get better unless yo play against good people… so i was wondering if any one would train with me

“markcamps87” add me and let me know you want to play against abel.

I need some brushing up on my duds matchup, see tag <–

Im a bison mainer and i also need to work on the Abel. And Atrain i know i have played you on live before…

I love fighting against Dudley, add me AKAxLOINSx
uhhh you can decide whether Im good or not haha
I’ll be back from vacation on the 26th :slight_smile: Look forward to your friend request

i need to get used to that dudley match up. add me

XBL - uberninjabear

and for that bison, i need help for that too. hope to play u guys soon :smiley: