XBMC ,Modded DC Sanwa Stick , HD DVD , PC Stuff


Loads of stuff for sale all UK only



Panasonic Q originally bought from Lik-Sang when first released and ive owned since new , this comes boxed and complete and has had very little use , i also have a saurian RGB cable with it so you can use this on a RGB scart TV

Comes with english translation of remote

The Q has been modded so will play US/JAP games and plays multi region DVD’s


This package originally cost me 550 back in the day so kinda hard to see it go but its been sat here doing nothing for the last 3 years

Payment via paypal gift or bank transfer


Stick does include metal base :slight_smile:


Damn man, if I wasn’t already trying to get myself a Wii, I’d hop on that Panasonic Q! Those things are MIGHTY sexy! :lovin:

It’s a shame those things didn’t catch on because they’ve got a lot of cool stuff the standard Gamecube didn’t have. Like the lit up LED controller ports, the ability to play DVDs, that LED window on top that indicated status and greeted you every time you booted the thing up, and I’m sure I’m missing a few things too. Seriously, great luck with these sales! You got some good stuff here.


hey thanks :slight_smile: i do really like the Q its just not getting any use though.


last day for stick