XBONE Pad PCBs - Now Shipping! Only $35.95!



AkiShop Customs, the folks that brought us the PS360+, is still working hard to get the PS360+ upgraded to work with the XBONE and PS4. In the mean time they recognize that hard work of folks like @Phreakazoid‌ @Gummo‌ and whomever is working with @armi0024‌ are getting us access to the Current Gen with our current gear.

They approached me about selling original XBONE PCBs @ www.jasenscustoms.com for these various mods out there to save time and money when modding/padhacking/etc. These would be original PCBs devoid of the case, etc. They aren’t going to do it unless the interest is high, naturally it makes sense… the more you buy the cheaper it is. If I carry them, my goal is to sell them for as cheap as possible. Ultimately, they don’t fit my business model of selling tech associated with things I produce/design (I use business model loosely since business makes things not fun)… I don’t want to be a wal-mart of the community.

Right now, this is me exploring the market on behalf of AkiShop customs. Nothing more. I’ll report back to ASC the findings here.


Xbox One PadHack Thread - Calling the goons "Toodles, Gummowned, Phreak and You" Do it for the Kids

how much would the bare pcbs go for?

Question: Own a padhacked TE, can I just drop in it a XBO controller?

@Coffeejuice‌ - Target price is TBD. Sub $40 is the goal though. I think the actual controller is around $49.95.


Woow, very interested here, there is a boom on getting arcadesticks for xone since Killer Instinct lol


ill input my 2 cents - this would be very very very helpful to most. i just sent off a brand new controller to be padhacked last week. Controller cost~ $70 This would help out the community ten fold. At $40 a piece?? these would sell like hotcakes.


i would buy some for $40 dollars each. just out of curiosity though, how would you guys be buying the pcbs? would microsoft sell them to you directly in bulk? i thought Microsoft didn’t like 3rd party’s like akishop and controllermax (formally chronusmax)


Coffee, I can’t comment on how AkiShop is getting them. But they did say they were official PCBs. They could be buying them from the factory direct at large quantities, not sure. The price at sub $40 is what they would be at a quantity discount. I bet retailers are going to jump on these and have a nice little markup to make a few bucks. I’d like to avoid that and get them out to the community as cheap as possible so that folks like PhreakMods, Toodles, and Gummo can sell more of their stuff :smiley:

For interest sake, please let me know how many you would be willing to pick up. This will help me provide a tangible number back to AkiShops.


-Would they be common ground?
-Will they have screw terminals or through holes?
-Can they be small or cut down to be small? For example, like Phreakmods Cerberus.


We are talking about XBONE gamepad PCB’s right? From the official controllers?


Ughh… read the OP.

This is for official Xbone controller pcb’s. They are not offering custom made pcb’s.


That’s what they are telling me :slight_smile:


Sorry dude, these are the PCBs from the inside of a XBONE controller.


It says “original XBONE PCBs”. It’s plausible that it could be a PCB from a third party. Original and Official aren’t necessarily the same thing.


You can sign me up for one


The context of OP’s post sounds like he’s interested in seeing who would buy OEM Xbone PCBs sans the casing it normally comes in (i.e. the controller case).

As in, this won’t have any extra or altered features, it will JUST be sold OEM PCBs.

Otherwise, he would’ve stated ‘ALL NEW’ or ‘MODIFIED’ xbone PCBS.


Lets stop arguing over semantics.

Jasen Hicks is kind enough to announced we are going to get a Xbone controller PCB minus its shell for good-old pad hacking use
combined with potential new options like what AkiShop Customs is cooking up and the Crossbone, this could be a gold mine.


Thanks Dark. Ill get more details as AkiShops can provide them. Again, the goal is to provide feedback so they can determine if its worthwhile for them to divert attention on these now from updating the PS360+ Ultimately, if they deliver and it makes pad hacking a bit more affordable, then great! If not… well then we go to the current system of destroying controllers and attaching stuff to them :smiley:

Naturally, I saw we as the royal we. I dont have an XBONE… I chose PS4.


That would be great, especially if you could get a sub-$40 price point. Currently, pads cost ~$60, even when it’s just the PCB that’s needed. I think a lot of modders who add XB1 compatibility would love to see this happen.


Guess I didn’t realize how expensive the pads were! Yikes. Sub $40 is definitely the way to go… now to just get the interest to shine through in the thread.


How will it be possible to sell the PCB at sub $40 when the cost of the controller is $60?