Xbone pcb no longer recognizing in my stick!


Im in need of some serious help!
My roomate just got into playing KI seriously. But he just texted me this morning saying that the stick will nolonger activate.

If anyone knows. This fix please hit me up either here or twitter! @‌ kushaba_akami

Any help will be HIGHLY appreciated!


You’ve given virtually no information other than “my friend tells me it doesn’t work”.
Kinda hard to give ANY kind of help with that…

You’ve given no symptoms, no description of the current setup, internal configuration, etc.


Well lets see. No imput what so ever. No charging led. I swapped the charge cable and still no imput. All my leads are sound and strong and i dont see any shorts.


Take clear pictures and show us.


I just found out that the bottom pcb had disconnected from the top pcb. So inshort problem solved.