Xbone/PS4/WIIU already hacked?

Anyone confirm/deny if this is legit?


  • Hacker claims to have hacked PS4/Xbone/WiiU dev kits + next gen unreal engine
  • Failsafe if he gets arrest, all files leak to torrents
  • Guy arrested, 1.7 terabyte of data goes up
  • People saying its full dev kits for all consoles and its too late for MS/Sony to change software as production would have already started
  • PS4/Xbone could be hacked before they even launch
  • People could potentially use the engine to make their own games

ok i will buy a ps4 if i can hack it and play games for free. it suddenly is worth owning. he ill even pay the online fee of 50 bucks to play games online if i can get the games for free. all of a sudden that online fee seems fair, for free games it is fair to pay that 50.

FREE GAMES, yay, fuck supporting devs and publishers you dislike.

I heard of SuperDAE and that he gets access to dev kits and shit, but where are you getting this info that he hacked it? The link doesn’t state any of that.

Ahh, the joys of making your console similar to PCs and easier to develop for… it gets hacked as fucking fast as PCs.

Not like they really have a choice. It just makes sense at this point to make consoles PCs that you can hook up to TVs. Which since I only play fighting games I’m only playing them on a monitor as it is. At this point consoles are mainly just a way to give people access to the power of a PC while operating more like a dvd player with less maintenance.