xbox 1 3S days

I gotta say even though the xbox version of sf anniversary ran wayyy too fast and so was a horrible port, it was a better scene online for us 3s players. I remember our hilarious sub forum, where did yeah dood 120% go? Lol those were some good times I remember we had some online tourneys, good and bad games threads, and for some reason the game felt more right online than this version, even if this runs closer to arcade timing offline. Idk everything just seems off, I ran into more better players online then, now i play online and everything seems just mehhhh…

Remember Victriny3 \o/

Remember the bored at work thread?? lol good times

The game was in its peak at the US then. good times indeed. you can still harass yeah dood on facebook though lol

What ever happened to golden lion,legend killer, silent shade…

whatever happened to those cvs2 threads…


those days were unique … the lag abusing fools and Gill players FTW…:rofl::lol: :coffee:

Good old Xbox 3S, where you could have a gdlk connection with people in England but lag playing some dude who lived 15 minutes away. Good times.

that shit never made any sense to me loool

I used to play this dude EC to WC with near perfect connection. and it lagged balls when I played ny players.

dudley player right?

Right?! I remember playing Harmonaz from NY to Europe and he was landing things like medium tatsu link roundhouse tatsu consistently which is sick shit! Lol and yes I’ve played some NY players and it was bad…

And I can’t say much, I rarely post these days and when I play online now its mostly just to troll with stupid superarts or mirror matching. Back then we used to up our game like crazy giving and taking advice in the gg thread and on AIM lmao…But this makes me wish we had a bad games thread in the least!

Mak & Gill.
King of jump mk and random SA2 with her.
And taunt, of course.

yeah i miss pink yeah dood

and this subforum used to be so much more lively and funny, now it seems like its just filled with cynicism

i used to see vic at supercade a lot, he might still overthere …idk:wonder:

I played some amazing connections in NY from England. I mostly lost. I think it’s also around the time I started downloading 3S vids like a fiend, just a shame I didn’t know then what I know now. Early stuff was terribly mislabelled.