Xbox 1 fighting games on 360?

Does anyone know or have a list of the xbox1 fighting games that work on the 360? All I know so far is street fighter anniversary and I heard marvel vs capcom 2( but people say it has graphic glitches bad)

Search for you favorite fighting games… was it that hard?

Guilty Gear Reload
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Soul Calibur 2
Street Fighter AC
Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Does not Work:
Capcom vs. SNK 2

Anything else not mentioned or that you want: Use x_tremer’s list

It still bites that CvS2 doesn’t work. I wish they’d release another update with that already, that game desperately needs to be BC. Come to think of it, did they even do a single compatibility update in 08?

I don’t think they are even working on that stuff anymore.

end thread.

For what it’s worth, apparently Marvel runs so badly that it’s not even worth playing.

Yeah I found out the hard way bought a copy of ebay and was so disappointed. What is guilty gear Reloaded like, does it work well?

Guilty Gear Reloaded works very well. I play it sometimes on my 360.

Ah good thing I found this thread, I was seriously thinking of buying MvsC2 for the 360.
So there’s no point? Graphics are bad? Slowdowns? Glitches? Unplayable?

I guess I’ll have to go down the dirty DC emulation road afterall :frowning:

See for yourself



can you play street fighter anniversary collection on xbox live on a 360? if so… does anyone even play the game? or are there any glitches/slow down etc?

You can, although there’s not many folks on there in the first place. There’s some slowdown when you jump too high into the air and some minor sound glitches, but it’s at least playable.

Geez they really botched that MvsC2 conversion…I’ve seen a vid on youtube of the PC dreamcast emulation run much better than that, which is what lead me to search here for clues about the xbox version first.

I’ve been playing TS on 360…and there are some definite graphical glitches when playing.

Also, I popped in KOF 2002…and it’s unplayable because the graphics are completely glitchy.

I prefer backwards compatibility on PS3 (first-wave hardware 20/60gb).

The Xbox version running on a 360 is a complete mess. It’s fine when you run it on an original Xbox.

Now that classic xbox 1 games are re-released for the xbox 360 via arcade as downloadable classic games… And as SF IV started somekind of a revival of the fighting game genre…

Is there any possibility that some of the fighting games for the box 1, like SF Anniversary, would be re-released as downloadable classics? Maybe anybody has heard/read any rumors?

A re-released 3s with online-play would be niiiice… hope

I wish. ^

I dunno if that will happen. 3s isn’t exactly outdated in the graphics departed as far as most of the people that play it are concerned. You might want to hit up 3s on GGPO.

Jup, that’s prolly what I’m going to do. But as I’m completely new to GGPO - I just read about it a couple of weeks ago on this forum - I’ll just have to work into it and try to get it up and runnin’. :slight_smile:

slurp I just imagine how it’d be to hook up my mac book to my flat screen tv in the living room, running in windows mode via boot camp, and playing with my stick… hm, sorry, that sounded a bit strange… lol