Xbox 360 3rd strike online feels different from arcade


I am a Yun player, genei Jin’s timing is very off when I play it on xbox 360. Also, Ken cannot double shoryuken Ryu at the corner… what is gonig on? does Ps3 have this issue?


PS3 and 360 timing’s prety much the same. Are you talking about a real arcade board or emulator? Cause the emulator runs a bit faster than the real arcade board/OE.


ya… real arcade board… it feels so different… ps2 version didn’t have this problem… it was exactly the same as arcade


Are you playing on a CRT or an HD monitor?


That’s weird cause OE supposed to be the closest thing to arcade in terms of game speed. :confused:


PS2 is not the same as arcade by most peoples accounts

also Ken can definitely double shoryu Ryu in the corner, I’ve spent the last two weeks in OE 360 training mode doing that as part of my daily exercises. maybe the timing is different I dunno, but it definitely still works.


to Duralath: On HD monitor…

i can’t kara shoryuken… ken can’t do two srk at corner… shit… i bought a xbox because of this game…


Some HD monitors and TVs are said to have display lag so maybe that’s the problem.


if you’ve got a CRT try hooking it up to that and see how it feels


You don’t need any kara to do 2x srk vs cornered shoto.
As said above, it’s probably an issue from either your monitor/tv or…your hands ^^


I suck so I got, LP Shoryu, MP Shoryu. In the corner.

You’re looking at something different than this or 2 Kara LP?


i can do corner 2 x LP shoryu on arcade with 99% successful rate… on 3rd strike OE… 0%…
i need to figure out the problem here


Play on a CRT TV and see how your rate goes. I’ve played on an HD monitor and that shit was worse than PS2.


Are you on pad?


What kind of monitor are you using? Mostly because I’ve played Yun on both 360 and PS3, and considering I was just using regular cables on a CRT, I was able to hit everything I needed to.