Xbox 360 4gb and MVC3


OK so, I haven’t owned or even really looked into current gen so far, but I wanna get a 360 for mvc3. Looking at a 4gb since I’m mad poor.

This guy on Amazon reviews was all like “you can’t even play online with some games or install dlc/updates regardless of whether you have enough space on 4gb or not! Get the 250 or you need to upgrade later!!”

So does anyone know if that’s true AT ALL but primarily for MvC3. Honestly don’t care about anything else.


Go ahead and get it…the only game with problems if you don’t have a bigger hard drive is Halo Reach and in the future if you change your mind you can get a 250 GB HD for around 60 Dlls or less…


You can get a 250GB scorpio blue for like 40 dollars and format it yourself with hddhckr and the correct 250gb .bin (which you can find through a google search) . 4GB should be enough unless you have a lot of XBLA or downloadable titles.


If you really don’t have money, it’ll be cheaper in the long run to go with a PS3 instead since PSN is free.


i would go with this, i think mine is the 8gb and i have no problem playing. I have COD BO and MVC3 downloaded to the harddrive and everything runs smoothly.


Also you can use any USB Flash drive (up to 16GB) as a storage medium and they are dirt cheap by now.


Nope thats wrong. The only concrete limitation, besides actual storage space, is you cannot play original X-Box games without an actual HDD(You could have the 4GB+16GB USB drive available and it still wouldn’t let you).

Anyway, i had the 4GB model once and was able to successfully play downloaded games(HDRemix, MVC2, as well as a ton of trial arcade downloads and updates to retail games), just fine. With my USB drive i was able to add on 8GBS storage also.

The one and ONLY reason i returned my 4GB model is because i wanted to go back and play some of the original X-Box titles(Ninja Gaiden, Republic commando, and panzer dragoon). Otherwise i’d have kept it.

Anyway some would argue that its just WORTH IT to cough up that extra $100 as its the better deal in the longrun. I’m 50/50 on that front. If you’re looking to go as cheap as possible(without actually buying used system) AND not going to be doing tons upon tons of gaming, you’ll be able to get by just fine with the 4GB model and any USB drives you have for the extra space.

Edit: On a final note, one thing that bugged me with using a USB drive for the extra space. Is mine would ONLY work on the front USB ports, and not on any of the three in the back. Made me wonder if microsoft did that intentionally to make using USB drives the least convenient.

Even the CHEAPEST PS3 models out there will be $300. The same as a 250GB slim 360.

Free online play is the only thing that would make me even consider the PS3… but, a year of x-box live is only about $53… and a new 360 comes with 1 month of live free.


Thanks for the answers all, and the super comprehensive answer, Grave. Big help. Consider this closed?


Another advantage the PS3 has over the Xbox 360 is the Hard Drive. Hard Drives are standard in the PS3, and swapping an old drive for a new one is a piece of cake since you can use any Laptop SATA Hard drive.

For the Xbox 360, you ether have to buy Microsoft’s over priced stuff, or follows Pzlate’s idea


IF you were to get a used system, go with a PS3.

A lot of the used 360s are the older production versions that have had the RROD problem. The jury’s still out for the time being on IF Microsoft has fixed all the hardware issues the 360’s had in its lifetime but apparently the models made within the last year are more reliable.

Used PS3’s sell at some places for under $200. One of the computer centers in my area has been selling 40GB refurbished PS3 models for months now for $199. More than enough hard drive space for downloads and slightly more reliable than the first-gen 20GB and 60GB models. GameStop probably still charges at least $250 for used PS3’s. The most expensive used PS3’s are the 60GB models with “full backwards” compatibility but the compatibility is problematic (not all PS2 games work on the 60/20-GB models with full PS2 circuitry) and like the other pre-Slim PS3’s they tend to run hot (which is why I have an external fan on my mine).


While the $119 gamestop price as of late for a used 360 seems enticing at first, i just don’t trust that i won’t get an OLD model system laying around that’ll Red ring on me before long. Even with warrenty & repairs it just seems like a hassle.

And while the new Slim models looks much more reliable, i wouldn’t buy a used 4GB because most prices i’ve seen on e-bay, amazon, gamestop and such, aren’t THAT much better to be worth considering when i could just buy it NEW for a bit more.

Those select good deals i have seen around the net also usually involve the console ONLY. I already have an HDMI cable to connect video & controllers needed, but how much are the power bricks?? I have not checked this all out fully but i get the feeling it won’t be much worth it either.

I’ve heard bad things about used PS3’s too, so they’re not fully rock-solid either.

Anyway, i no longer have an x-box but want another one…someday soon. One of the reasons i wouldn’t want a PS3 is i’ve already bought HDRemix & MVC2, as well as an adapter for my PS2 Custom HRAP. Don’t want to bother with a PS3 if that means having to pay more for the console Vs a 360 AND having to rebuy all that stuff too.

Can the PS3 operate without an HDD like the 360 can with its built-in memory?

As a former owner of both recent slim models, again the only limitation i found with an HDD-less 360 is not being able to play X-Box 1 games, and the ability to use a flash drive for storage worked out alright. I figure if i bought another 4GB model i could get by just fine with my limited level of gaming, and by the time i’m ready to upgrade prices on microsoft HDDs will have come down nicely(or i could buy a drive on e-bay from someone for cheap with all the stuff set-up to work).


I don’t think so, but then again, all PS3’s come with built in HDDs anyway.