Xbox 360 A/V to VGA cable sound?


Hi guys! I have a Xbox 360 A/V to VGA cable that I hooked up to my monitor and it works great. The only problem is that I have no sound. The cable has a red and white RCA plugs for sound, but I can’t find any cheap speakers (less than 50 bucks) that have those inputs.

I’ve been trying to find ways to get sound. I’m not sure if this would work, but I was thinking I could use a converter from RCA to 3.5mm ( and use a converter to plug in my headphones into the first converter ( I’m not sure the quality would be amazing, or that it would even work.

Can anyone help me on this? Who else uses a PC monitor for console gaming and what do you use for sound (that I can get somewhat cheap… I’m a poor college student)?


I use something like this. I plug it into my monitor for sound b/c it has built in speakers.—p-36070.aspx?source=fghdac


That’s just a headphone splitter. I’m looking for a way to connect my red and white RCA male plugs into a speaker or convert them so I can plug in headphones. Thanks for the help though!


ooops, i meant this


The first adapter (2xFemale RCA to 3.5mm stereo jack) you linked should work fine (here’s an even cheaper adapter). If you plug headphones directly into it, the volume may be low and you have no way to adjust it, but it should work. The 360 outputs a line level signal meant for amplification. A cheap pair of powered computer speakers would probably be the easiest solution with volume control.

Headphones/cheap speakers should all have 1/8inch (3.5mm) plug which will work with that adapter.

The 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter shouldn’t be needed unless you’re trying to use a cellphone headset or 360 headset. Even then it wouldn’t be a good idea since headsets usually have one channel for sound and one for the mic.


a cd player, vcr, dvd player etc usually make a good poor man’s A/V Reciever. Try to find one with headphone outputs.


The official microsoft one does in fact come with one of those, it is grey and is all in a single mold. Make sure you plug it into the input vs output.


Thanks for the help, but I got another problem! I bought a cheap audio adapter from Radioshack that had two female RCA inputs and a male 3.5mm input. I plugged it into my speakers and the sound only came from one speaker! It’s not my speakers (I connected my mp3 player to the speakers and sound came from both speakers). Is it because it says “3.5 mm mono jack” instead of a “dual jack” ? Either way, I’m returning it.

EDIT: I got a new one and it’s working perfectly. Thanks everyone!


I use a headset from Astro Gaming. digital surround sound, with my VGA monitor. you can use the fiberoptic cable or just plug your red and white cables. works flawless. Expensive though