Xbox 360 arcade stick converter


What is the best arcade stick converter for xbox 360 to ps3? I have a SSF4 Fightstick TE S for the xbox 360. If there is also a decent one that is much cheaper, can you mention that too?


The best converter?

Nein, what you want is a Cerberus board. It’s a solder-free circuit board that you plug into your existing arcade stick pcb. Anyone can do it.




I have a mad catz TE round 2 (Xbox) the Cerberus board is not compatible with it are there any another solutions for connecting to ps3? Any advice much appreciated.


First you should verify which motherboard your arcade stick has. In the final production run of Round 2 TE’s MadCatz used TE-S motherboards and not Rev.B

Because Kitty boards disappeared a long time ago you will either:

  1. Learn how to solder or hire a modder to do it for you. There are many pcb’s you can use, including the Cerberus and ChImp SMD.

  2. Install a PS360+ board


Will the Cerberus PCB work with the TvC Wii stick? I know I’m asking around a lot of places, but I’m trying to find the simplest way possible, i.e. a solderless method of adding PS360 compatibility.


Yes, but the only way of adding solderless PS3 & 360 support to a stick is to use a PS360+ board.

But if you want it working on the Wii as well you’ll need to dual mod the TvC pcb to the PS360+. That will require soldering.


i would use cronusmax aka controllerMAX now. works awesome!


not at my tournaments you won’t. many other TO’s are banning them as well


The Cronus device is banned at most tournaments because of Macro use and the reports that the Cronus damages USB ports on consoles.

Banned at all the BIG tournaments and most regional and minor tournaments as well