Xbox 360 Arcade

I’m considering to buy a X360 for SSF4 and found out about the arcade version that is pretty cheap. The con being the lack of a HD but I was wondering if it needed any to play SSF4 and to be able to download the updates for the console and the game with the internal 256MB memory.

If you’re getting it JUST for SF4 then you should be fine.

With that said, eventually you might want to play a different dame, or worse, download an xbox live title.

you should be able to find a cheap hard drive on ebay.
and its been said that with the coming updates you will be
able to use a usb memory stick for save files and games

Well to be honest, Im not a big fan of the 360 so I dont think Ill play anything else with it. So it means it should be ok to download new firmwares and let say alt costumes or any updates for SSF4?

P.S. and of course i will need xbox live

if you dont like the 360 why not just get ssf4 on the ps3.
you can get a preused slim at gamestop for like 230$

Yes you’ll be fine.

If you need a hard drive I got an extra one that i’m not using. Not sure on the size, but I believe the smallest is 20gb IIRC, which would definitely last you.

I heard people say the online experience isnt as good on psn then on live even though i need to pay and friends of mine are on live and Id like to play with them, those are the main reason, and the other one is because the arcade version is like 130.

I consider the full install feature to be absolutely a necessity. Not only is the load time faster on 99% of the games out there, but the Xbox360 is dead silent. Once you hear the jet engine roar of an active DVD drive, it’s not something you’ll want to keep experiencing.

oh i got you.
but buying a hole system and paying for xbox live for 1 game
is a little much. i would check a pawn shop or something first.

Seeing as a supposed 8-16gb USB HDD support is coming an arcade could easily meet your needs if you have an old ipod or something around. If you intend to do even the slightest bit more then SSFIV I would get a model with a HDD. If your looking for budget systems look for a refurbished one.

Thx for the responses, I think I’ll go with a arcade version and if I really need a HDD, Ill get one off of ebay for 25$, seems pretty cheap. A refurbished one still is a bit pricey, but I’ll definitly check on some used ones. Thank you.

I bought an Xbox 360 just to play SFIV.
So it’s cool.

It is not much to me.