Xbox 360 Artifacts and Freezing ingame and on boot~

Seems every forum I go to is full of rants and random issues ranging from PSU, GPU and CPU issues. Some overheating, and some not~ before I sift through the randomness of these issues, I wanted to give the wise heads here in Tech Talk a crack at this since I seriously doubt this is too uncommon of an issue. I’ll take what I can get.

I’m currently experiencing some pretty serious issues with my Xbox 360. I’ve owned this system from 2007, it was brand new when I purchased it. Has the HDMI port, the 20gb drive. Pretty much pain free system for the first few years. Around 2010 the optical drive started having issues~ I managed to swap it out for a Hitachi drive with no problems after that. Things have been golden for some time.

MvC3 hits stores, I load up the game and have been playing it for quite some time without faults until yesterday, when suddenly the game would lock up with a loud glitchy screech and artifacts drawn on the screen. Parallel lines of fuzzy code, and wild colors. These are the symptoms, historically, of an overheating GPU on a computer~ which would lead to a bluescreen on Windows systems.

In this case it just locks up the console~ no RROD, and instructions from the controller are ignored. A single press of the power button on the console shuts off the system. At first I thought this was caused only by MvC3, as when I played CODIV, Burnout Paradise, Oblivion and Street Fighter 2: HDR~ I had no lockups. Only on MvC3~

However today, after testing again and making it as far as 10 minutes in training mode~ I had the lockup, and following that lockup, the system is now glitching up on the Xbox 360 boot screen. The system has the latest updates. Won’t even make it to the main UI.

System is of course, out of warranty~ I’m not afraid to crack it open but I am not happy about working on a system that is dead to rights. If the system is hosed, just let me know and I’ll trash it and do the PS3 thing while I *consider *a replacement~ but if this problem has been seen by any of you and a solution is known (it’s 2011, I’m banking on it~) then I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for the support, if any that you can share. <3

Honestly it is hard to say the extend of the damage is when dealing with heat damage on a digital device.
Some experts say since you did not RROD yet, you got a chance to save this guy, others will state the damage is done.

Check the exhaust air vent in the back, you should feel air coming out of it. If not than your Xbox 360 fan died, and you can replace it. Tailismoon makes decent 3rd party xbox 360 fans, plus their fans got pretty LEDs, I think the run less than $25 .There are plenty of guides on how to disassemble the 360 on line so I not going to post a how-to. Those external fans you see for systems are bullshit, and I would not waste the cash on it, plus some earlier models are known to speed up the damage on Xbox 360s. The Talismoon fan worked fine in my non-HDMI Xbox 360.

I can not guarantee that this will fix it, but its the easiest and cheapest repair/mod we can start that it would actually be worth doing.

You can also try to replace the thermal compound between the CPU / GPU and the heat sink with some quality thermal paste like arctic silver or some other brand of high performance thermal compound.

Again I can’t guarantee ether would work or not. I do hope you get you 360 fixed.

I do not suggest the X-clam method or similar “repair” because you are only forcing more pressure on possibility already broken solder points. I also do not suggest re-flowing, (next part should be read in a sarcastic tone)yeah lets add more heat to a device which taken heat damage, brilliant.
Last but not least (in a voice that only fit Monty Python) The Towel trick is just out, do not even think about it.

Try clearing your cache?

LOL, were talking about a Xbox 360 game console not a Windows Computer, and yes their is a difference.