Xbox 360 bridging to pc!


I really need help on bridging my 360 to my PC, I haven’t been able to play online for a month now.

I have no access to the router other than wireless, I have a old crappy XBOX with no wifi adapter and a wifi adapter is 80$-100$ ( complete bullshit ) So my connection used to be bridged through a Windows vista PC’s wireless network. I built a new PC with Windows 7 (pirate) and moved the bridge to my PC, which worked…sometimes, the connection sometimes wouldn’t be recognized, and the XBOX thought it was connected to the old PC.But when I switched network plans, I could no longer connect to certain people, and MvC3 lobbies were barren.

So I had a friend come over, and we reset the xbox to factory default, and reestablished the bridge…The computer knows the Xbox is there, but the Xbox won’t recognize the computer and can’t obtain an IP (well it looks like the xbox gets an IP it just gives that message), so it won’t get on.

The Xbox red rings so I had to put a fan on it to keep it from exploding. So really I’d rather get a Playstation 3 Slim to replace it ge free internet, play with more of my friends and get the PS exclusive characters…but then I’d have to mod 2 sticks for anywhere from 50-85 each, but a PS3 slim, and at least SFxT when it comes out but I just don’t have the money for that yet. So any ideas how can get this bridge to work so I can play SFxT on launch until i can afford to mod and switch to slim??

I used to do this before with my laptop. Just search on youtube and you’ll find a good guide with troubleshooting tips.

Yeah I have been using guides. …You didn’t really read the post did you?

yeah i did and u must not have read mine. find a guide with troubleshooting tips.