Xbox 360 can't read SSF4 Disc


Apologies if this is the wrong forum to post in.

Recently, my SSF4 disc can’t be read by my Xbox 360. All my other games (MK9, UMvC3) work perfectly so I think there is something wrong with the disc. Upon inspection, I noticed a large circular line around the entire disc as if something burnt a line.

Apologies for the bad photo as there is a reflection of a rack as well as my phone.

Has this ever happened to anyone? I’ve never heard of this happening before, and I really don’t want to buy the game again.


Did you by chance move the Xbox at all? Or was it standing vertically while playing?


There is virtually nothing you can do to fix this, it happens when the 360 is moved during play. Even slight jitters can cause this on older models.

You can try installing the game to your HDD, but chances are it’ll just cough up a DRE during the install.


I leave my xbox horizontally on a stack of stuff on the ground so it’s possible it might have moved while it was running. Thanks everyone for the help.


Go get a can of Brasso, its a metal polish but it works great for scratches on discs. Make sure you shake the can, it has tiny pieces of polishing grit in it. I usually use kleenex since it is fine tissue paper. I have restored ps1 games and dvd’s this way, just take your time and follow the directions on the can and you should have a working game soon. Make sure to work on a flat surface and try not to bend it. GL


Maybe you could install it on your system with a friend’s disc, and then use your disc to start the game (as it might be in decent enough shape for that, at least). Or you could try repairing the disc with a method like Skrawney’s. Good luck, in any case.


Yeah, always make sure a Xbox isn’t in any place where it can shift while running. It’ll KO any disc if it shifts.